What to do with your kids this half term

@themamaedits shares her half term top tips.

"This half term we're going old school and I'm treating the girls to some of my favourite half term experiences from when I was (much) younger. My goal is to have as much new ‘old’ fun as possible, without relying on travel, tickets, technology or breaking into the piggy bank. I hope that the girls will get to experience some of the fuss free fun I experienced as a child. From kite making to museum visits, I've compiled a half-term ‘to do’ list that I hope they’ll enjoy.

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I always remember my Nan having a box full of mismatched buttons in her shiny chocolate tin and nothing made me happier than an old sock with buttons for eyes and a sheet to hide behind where my sisters and I would conduct our 'show' for hours.


A 75p bag of giant marshmallows, a warm coat, a blanket, some sticks and a carefully supervised fire is all you'll need for this activity. We dip our marshmallows in melted chocolate and sprinkles to go all out. We'll also be doing some stargazing if the skies are clear enough and maybe even learning a little astrology.


I still get excited about the prospect of ice cream smothered in hot fudge sauce and cherries. A special half-term treat for the girls and a challenge to see who can actually eat an ice cream the size of their head and who has eyes bigger than their belly.