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10 Smiling Animals To Make You Smile

Happy World Smile day! A day devoted to smiles and kind acts, we’re celebrating by looking at smiling animals and seeing exactly what makes them smirk. Want to put a grin on someone’s face? Share this with them, it’ll work every time…

Quokkas earned the title “happiest animal in the world” thanks to their infectious grins and friendly personalities. Head to Rottnest Island off the coast of Australia to bag a selfie with one of the cute guys!

Fluffy like teddy bears with the smile of an angel – what’s not to love about alpacas?! Alpacas are used as emotional support animals due to their calming, charming and playful nature. Just don’t get in the firing line of their spit!

Hedgehogs are usually known to be shy and reserved little creatures but the pictures we’ve seen of them online suggests otherwise! After extensive research, we can confirm they especially beam when they’re getting a belly rub.

An animal we can relate too! We have a similar satisfied smile on our face when digging in to some food. Elephants are often spotted smiling when playing and having fun and when they’re happy they wag their tails just like a dog!

Maybe a more sinister smile from our pal the shark but with all those teeth, they should be able to show them off, right? They may have a bad rep but they can have an affectionate side – we just won’t be getting close to test that theory!

Is there anything more wholesome than a smiling cow? Cows are gentle, affectionate and highly emotional animals. Bad weather makes them unhappy (same) but when it’s sunny they struggle to hide their smile and prance about with joy!

We can’t help but smile back at this old fella! Living up to 120 years, tortoises have a lifetime of smiles. They might not be the cuddliest-looking guys but they enjoy affection and the ones that are kept as pets recognise and love their owners!

We grew up loving teddies so its no surprise that we adore bears! Although they can be scary in the wild, they do smile when they’re self-satisfied – you just can’t see it sometimes because their snout gets in the way!

Pufferfish always have a smile on their faces, but don’t frighten them or they’ll puff up, exposing their poisonous spikes. They’re most content when dining on fine shellfish including crab, mussels and shrimp. We can relate.

Now that is the smile of one good boy! Golden Retrievers love people so you’ll find they probably have a big smile on their face when around humans – and we love them back just as much. Sweet and gentle, they make the perfect pet, service or therapy dog.