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Our Island Queen Returns

Flack is back on the Island! We’ve collaborated with professional matchmaker and full-time babe, Caroline Flack, for the second time! The hot holiday edit boasts 20 must-have pieces, designed for 7 days of vacay style. What’s new?! Wild statement prints, the perfect red lipstick and, of course, sunglasses!

A little bit rock n' roll with a big island mood, it’s the style sequel you don’t want to miss and quite possibly the one time you should put all your eggs in one basket.

What would Flack pack?

Flack attack

From emergency bikini bottoms to books…

A quick Q&A with our fave matchmaker...

Five minutes with Flack

We sip the Island tea with Caroline to get the lowdown on her new collection and what to expect from the ‘other’ island.

Welcome back to the Island, how does it feel?
It was brilliant to be able to do what almost feels like a sequel to my last collection! I’ve always been a fan of RI, but it’s the way they let me have creative control that I love, and they are so far ahead when it comes to the direction they want to go in. I love all the campaigns they’ve done over the last year and I feel proud to be part of their family.
Tell us about the second collection, what can we expect?

Everything in this collection is a little nod to the 90s combined with colour and fun prints.
It’s a little more rock n’ roll (and we’re obsessed) what inspired the new aesthetic?
In my last collection I realised there was no animal print, even though it’s a staple in my own wardrobe! So, this year I’ve incorporated tiger into a few different looks.
Who can you imagine wearing it?

I haven’t aimed it at anyone in particular but there really is something for everyone. It’s so versatile. There are day and night looks. Plus, you can still wear so much of it during the winter, teaming it with a coat or items from last year’s collection. The black mini dress is something you could have in your wardrobe forever.

Any celebs you’d love to see it on?

As a small person, Kylie has always inspired the way I dress (plus I’m a huge fan!) I’d love to see her in this collection.
This collection goes beyond clothing... can you tell us more?
It’s been so nice this year to do accessories, we’ve added hoop earrings and even ventured into make-up and created the ‘Caroline’ lipstick - these are my go-to essentials for an evening out when I’m in a rush. Of course, I’ve got some new sunnies because they're perfect for summer or when you need to detract attention from your eyes!
What will be the ‘blue Hawaiian shirt’ of this year?
The Hawaiian shirt was such a hit last year. I had so many guys wanting to get their hands on it too. This year the silky PJ shirt will hopefully be the one everyone scrambles for. It’s effortless and versatile.
On to ‘the other’ Island... are there any surprises in store?
You’ll have to tune in and find out! No season has ever been the same. It’s hard to keep it a secret as so many people ask me about the show all year around. I'm heading into ITV soon to have a peek at some of this year’s islanders, but they carry on casting the show right up until the day before.

What does it take to be the perfect Love Island contestant?
There isn’t a formula. They're all unique and what I’ve found over the years is that it takes a while for someone to let down their guard and that’s when we either fall in or out of love with them.
What are your tips for anyone living their best single life this summer?
If someone asks you on a date, go on it! If nothing else, they might become a good friend. Or they might become the love of your life. I’d never have said that a few years ago but we should keep our options open, enjoy life in the moment and not overthink the future.
What are you most looking forward to?
The walk-in for Love Island and meeting the islanders is one of the most exciting days for me. As soon as I touch down on the tarmac in Mallorca there's always such a buzz in the air.
If you could pack just three pieces (of CFXRI) for the island, which would you pick?
The tiger printed kimono. Sunglasses, so I can get off a plane and not be blinded by light! Plus, the silk shirt as it’s perfect for evenings out in a restaurant.

Stay tuned, we’ll be dropping more Flack exclusives to get you through the long, hot summer!

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