Dear Amber, we love you | Love Island 2019

We’ll admit, this year’s Love Island got off to a bit of a slow start. But, in true Villa style, the drama soon came thick and fast thanks to the arrival of Maura, so many love triangles and, of course, the backlash from Casa Amor. If you missed any of it, we definitely recommend watching on catch up. You won’t regret it. So with the final just weeks away (can ITV2 just commission a year-long version?) there’s one Islander who’s well and truly stolen our hearts.

Yes, you, Amber - the tough Geordie cookie we want to have in our lives long after our 9pm instalments. Here’s why we love you…

Realness is second nature to you. Yes, you run your mouth and “dead ting” probably wasn’t your finest hour. Laughing in uncomfortable situations is something so many of us do – they’re called uncomfortable for a reason.  It’s important to see someone on Love Island who keeps it real like you do, who makes silly mistakes and those in-the-moment comments every girl has said at least once in their lives. We can’t have it together all of the time. 

You know your worth. At 21, we certainly didn’t. Call it putting up guards or being cold, but when it comes down to it you don’t settle, and that’s so important to see on a show like this. You could so easily go and fake it with another Islander, but instead of settling, you hold your single head up high and know something better is coming for you.

Expressing your feelings is an internal battle for so many of us, especially when you’re a self-titled savage b*tch. But whether you’ve been in a failed relationship, been cheated on or lied to, you’re going to take necessary measures to protect your heart from that hurt happening again. We’ve slowly seen some of those walls come down with you, even when it’s backfired. (Cough, Michael, cough). And while you’ve been open and said you’re sad, you’re still badder than ever. 

In the words of Love Island 2018’s Georgia, you’re loyal babe. You’re there for your people no matter what, whether that’s serving some hard-to-swallow facts or cracking a joke when they’re feeling down - everyone deserves to have a friend like you. 

Whatever the outcome, we’ve loved every minute of watching you and can’t see what you go on to do when you’ve touched down on the Toon.

Keep killing it,
RI x