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Why Barbie is the ultimate girl boss

It’s safe to say Barbie has had a bit of a bad rep over the years. As a blonde, white, pretty “girls” toy, the barbie doll hardly represented diversity in women. But fast forward a decade or so and Barbie has eventually become a much more inclusive brand, representing girls and women from all walks of life. And let’s face it, she’s still a badass. You only have to look at her CV (yes, it’s a real thing) to see that she’s a high achiever and so much more than just a pretty plastic face. And if it was still acceptable to bring out our official Barbie dream house and camper van to social events, we would. A true girl boss in her own right, we look back at just some of the 130 careers she’s had proving that us girls really can be anything…

Astronaut Barbie

Back in 1965, Barbie had her first ever trip to the moon (that’s four years before Neil Armstrong, just saying). She’s even been back since and launched her very own Space Camp which we hear is out of this world…

Rap Barbie

No stranger to the stage, Barbie’s singing career started back in the 60s. But in 1992, Barbie made her debut into the rap world - with a boom box in tow, obvs. It was even featured as a commercial. Pretty sick, right?

WNBA Barbie

Who knew Barbie was a baller?! In 1998 she made her first court appearance as a No.1 for a Dallas basketball team. Swish. She’d also previously been to the Olympics and was known for gymnastics and football. Is there anything she can’t do?!

Computer Engineer Barbie

Barbie joined the world of tech back in 2010 as a computer engineer and was a welcome addition to the usually male dominated IT roles #girlswhocode

Palaeontologist Barbie

We didn’t think a Friends X Barbie collab would ever happen but then Palaeontologist Barbie came along and gave Ross a run for his money. We know who we’d rather go on a dig with….

Stay tuned!

River Island X Barbie is coming soon!

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