The RI Care Guide: Make your linen last

How do you keep linen from wrinkling? How do you wash linen? Can you wash and dry 100% linen? All popular questions we want the answers to about summer’s fabric of choice. We spoke to the experts (aka the garment technologists) at RI on how to get the very best out of your linen, and how to take proper care of it.

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1. Check The Label

First things first, always check the care label of your linen. Certain styles require individual needs and attention – just like us. Awww.

2. Washing Your Linen

Wash inside out. Use the gentle machine cycle and a mild detergent to protect the fibres.  Or, ideally, handwash. Also, try not to overcrowd your machine – this can pull and twist your linen out of shape.

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3. Drying Your Linen

It's not a good idea to wring linen to remove excess water since it'll stretch more and get wrinkled. Remove moisture by rolling each item in a towel – simple.

To avoid wrinkles and retain shape, hang them up to dry instead.

4. Stain Treatment

As long as you do it quickly, getting spots out is pretty easy. Make sure you use a pre-wash stain remover where possible.

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5. How to Iron Linen

Iron whilst slightly damp for best results. If it’s 100% linen, you can use the third dot on your iron for a higher temperature to get rid of creases. Otherwise go to the second dot, unless it has polyester in it.

6. Linen Storage

Store your garments in a dry and cool place. You can refresh linen by spritzing it lightly with water, pressing it flat with your hands, and letting it air dry completely.

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