Collecting your store order

You can collect your order any time during the day once you have received your "It's Arrived" email confirmation. You can find the opening hours of the store on our Store Locator .

Please bring your "It's Arrived" email or your store till receipt, along with proof of your ID. This could be a credit/debit card, your passport or driver’s license.

If someone else is collecting your order on your behalf, to prevent fraud they should present your store till receipt or a copy of the "It's Arrived" email, along with proof of their ID (see above).

We will keep your order in store for 14 days from the date you are notified that it's ready for collection. After 7 days we will send you a reminder and if you haven't collected it within 14 days, your order will be sent back to us and cancelled. A member of our customer services team will contact you within 7 days of your order being returned to us to process a refund.