Westgate Pension – Guaranteed Minimum Pension

If you joined River Island’s Westgate Pension Plan between 1989 and 1997 or transferred pre-April 1997 benefits into the Westgate Pension Plan at any time, you may have a Guaranteed Minimum Pension (GMP) entitlement from our Westgate GMP section.

If you didn’t contribute to the Westgate Pension Plan until after April 1997 you won’t have a GMP entitlement and you won’t be a member of the Westgate GMP section.

The statements attached have been prepared by our pension scheme Trustee for your information as a Westgate GMP section member.

  • 2023 Governance Statement
  • 2023 Governance Statement Appendix
  • Statement of Investment Principles 2023
  • Statement of Investment Principles Implementation Statement 2023
  • For more information please contact our Pensions Administrator at jenny.jones@river-island.com