The Kind Society: Principles

When it comes to creating a Kind Society, it all hinges on our principles. For us, this means being open and honest about what we’re doing – even if it’s not as going as well as we’d like – and it means teaming up with our community and others as advocates for change. It’s time to start a kindness revolution.

These commitments are a snapshot of what we’re working on, and there’s so much more going on behind the scenes. Want to get into the details? Download our reports for a deep dive into the Kind Society. 

Sustainability update report 2022

Sustainability update report 2021

We’re working towards full transparency through the business and supply chain, to help measure and deliver our commitments.

Transparency means we report on every detail of our impact – when we know it and when we don’t – so that you can clearly see what we’re doing to change.

As part of our transparency pledge, we publish a full list of our approved factories on our website and we have 100% traceability in our direct suppliers – the people who make our clothes.

In 2021, we partnered with Segura as part of our commitment to increasing our supply chain transparency. We on boarded all our own brand suppliers through Segura in 2022, enabling our suppliers to report at purchase order level and give a ‘live’ update of where our products and their components are being sourced.

We are also collaborating with SAC (Higg) to increase visibility of our Tier 2 factories. We are currently working towards having 40% of our supply chain complete the SAD (Higg) Factory Social and Labour Module by the end of the year.

By 2023, we hope these new partnerships will enable us to deliver 100% traceability right down to the people that make our yarns – the threads used to make our fabric.

We’re advocates for change, and we engage transparently with our customers, employees and stakeholders, sharing our journey to make fashion a force for good.

Part of this is what you’re reading right now –being open and honest about what we’ve done, and what’s still work in progress. Looking ahead, we’ll communicate with our suppliers, Islanders and our shoppers to collaborate, share and educate each other with the goal of accelerating progress for us all.