Introducing River Studios

We’re so glad you’re here.

This is River Island re-booted, home to a collective of creatives.

It’s a new name to shout louder about what happens in our amazing new River Studios stores. Bringing you exclusive, curated collections. Specialist sections. Next- generation tech and exceptional service. We’ve got you covered.

Our mission is simple. We’re obsessed with bringing you the best fashion, before you dreamt it was possible. It’s about making life better, one outfit at a time.

What sets us apart? No one pushes harder to bring you cool, considered styles. Because the best takes time: you can’t hurry wonderful.

We’re a family business too, and care for each person and each garment like one of our own. Always seeking the good fashion can bring to our world.

Creativity is at the heart of everything we do, and we do it all for YOU. We’re here for everyone you want to be

This is our story, showing what happens behind the scenes.

So you can come to River Studios and ask: “Who do I want to be today?”

Whatever your mood, whatever the moment, we have the right kit to elevate it. Because we say, if life throws you a curve: flaunt it!

When we’re looking for inspiration we say YES to everything.  There are no rules. Except this: be one step ahead.

Our designers are hunter-gatherers, with a magpie-eye for what’s glinting on the horizon.

It’s not here yet, but we can feel it.

The idea can begin in the most unexpected places.

At Coachella.

In a gallery.

Watching a movie…

We’re always searching for the new thing and taking it beyond. Wondering how you will wear this outfit? Where might it take you? What makes it exceptional?

We work with pattern cutters, drapers, all sorts of makers.

We draw and paint and play with ways to change the look of your everyday.

Everything we make is brewed by us. You won’t believe how many pairs of hands are involved, innovating at each step. Buyers, merchandisers, tailors, suppliers, artisans, shop designers, window dressers, stylists, marketers …

Detail is our everything … our gift to you!

And we’re thinking of you all along. Because we know that a jacket is never just a jacket. 

Say hello to our denim specialists.

They know that a pair of jeans has the power to change the world.

First off, it has to feel good. But then there’s the wash, the yarn, the laundry instructions.

Remember to ask for their advice in store.

We take every choice possible to protect the planet, always striving for better. We’re constantly learning about you and the right thing to do…

We take delight in the charities that we work with, and in getting you involved. Take our long-standing partnership with Newlife, the charity for disabled children.

In 2021 alone over 850,000 items were reused or recycled through our partnership with Newlife. And when you buy our bag for life in the UK, you’re helping to fund a crucial bit of kit that will make a child’s day substantially better.


Come find us at:

Rushden Lakes, Unit C3, Northwalk, Rushden NN10 6FG

Derbion, London Rd, Derby DE1 2PL

Opens 17th November at 2pm:

Unit 14 - 15A Lakeside Shopping Centre, West Thurrock Way, Essex RM20 2ZP