My Summer Story | Kaine Buffonge

My Summer Story | Kaine Buffonge

The final chapters of our summer stories culminate in Italy where we jetted off to idyllic Amalfi with Contiki and some of our most inspirational friends in tow. Next up, we meet former Maplins worker and now full-time model, Kaine…

Where does your summer story take place?

Amalfi. ! I’ve never been to the South of Italy, I’ve been to Venice or Milan. I’ve always heard about it and the pictures don’t do it justice. Driving in the mountains and seeing the views is crazy, waking up and looking out into the distance is insane – you can actually see all the different parts of the island. 

How do you describe your character? 
I’m the adventurous one. I’ll come to places like Amalfi and just explore. I love to experience new thing -  I’ll jump off a cliff into water, I’ll do anything I’ve never done before just because I haven’t done it. It’s like I’ve got a bucket list and I just want to run through it without actually planning it. I just want to do what I want. 

How has travel shaped your character?

I used to go on regular trips to Turkey – my Nan had a place out there – and it made me realise I wanted to travel and experience the world and not just be cooped up in London forever. As someone who never really got to travel on my own whim, it’s made me want to go and explore. So whenever I’d go away for work I’d make sure I’d dedicate some time, even if it was just an hour, to explore the town, take a few pictures and go straight to work. Every opportunity I have abroad, I make sure I make time for that city. 

Who inspires you? 

My family. It’s as simple as my last name, Buffonge.  I want to put that on the map, I want people to know not me personally but my last name. That’s my motivation. 

Where would your ideal story setting be?

New York. It was the best place I’ve ever been. I was flown out there by a regular client to do a catwalk out there. That was amazing, I was only there for a couple of days but I was able to see the city for what it was, experience the little things like transport and walk through the city at night. It was immaculate. 

Describe your summer story in three words...
Unpredictable, adventurous and amazing (I hope!)

What’s your summer mantra? 

Live your best life. 

Where does the next chapter of your story take you?
I’ll be graduating after studying for four years and heading to Milan for Fashion Week. I’m also going to Notting Hill carnival, that’s a cultural thing for me. I’m of Caribbean descent; it’s just one of those experiences you can’t explain. Everyone’s singing and dancing, nobody’s thinking about anything else, they’re not worrying what anyone thinks; everyone is exploring what there is to offer. I’m also just excited to put myself out there for work and see where the summer takes me. 

Soak up his summer style…

@iam_kainebuffonge is a former student and full time model from London known for his distinctive freckles and heterochromia.