Men's Muscle Fit Hoodies & sweatshirts

Show off your hard work with our men's muscle-fit hoodies and sweatshirts. Designed to accentuate your physique, our sculpting designs don't just look good – they'll make you feel good, too. Whether it's to throw on after the gym for the walk home or to relax on the sofa, we've got styles that are both comfy and cool. They're not just for the gym-goers, either: our streamlined fits make the perfect addition to your low-key looks too. Stay warm in the beer garden by layering a muscle-fit hoodie over your t-shirt. For football matches, our men's muscle-fit sweatshirts paired with jeans and trainers will take you from chanting to cheers-ing in style. We're talking goes-with-anything grey, laid-back khaki and bold blues in shape-defining fits for every guy.



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