With over 300 stores, River Island has a place in the hearts’ of communities across the UK and the world and we’re proud to support the charities and organisations that strive to improve these communities. Our approach is to provide funding to charities to allow them to use their expertise to provide the greatest benefit possible to those in need. Sometimes there is a clear link with what we do, sometimes there isn't, but there is always a clear need for what they do. Here are some of the charities we currently support…

10p bags 10p bags


River Island donates all of the proceeds from the 10p bag levy it raises in its stores to children’s charities. The money raised in the UK is donated to Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children. The charity uses all of the funds donated to provide vital specialist equipment to disabled and terminally ill children in communities all across the UK, children like Theo pictured here. Theo's Mum, Natalie said: “Theo may not have long to live, so we are very fortunate that he is offered lots of help – this can sometimes mean travelling over 30 miles to sleep therapists or hydrotherapy facilities. This is essential to Theo’s improvement, physically and mentally, but travelling in the car every day becomes challenging without the correct equipment and a specialist car seat is vital. Theo's new car seat from Newlife not only keeps him safe so he can enjoy these activities but it helps us make memories to treasure.

*Excluding Northern Ireland where the levy must be passed across to the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs.



River Island has been supporting the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign for 24 years. With 30% of the funds made from our Fashion Targets Breast Cancer products we have raised millions of pounds to help Breast Cancer Now fund vital research.

Newlife’s valuable mission is to work together to change the lives of children with disabilities or terminal illnesses, and help their families. A truly worthy cause, River Island is proud to support Newlife as the largest charity supplier of specialist equipment and whose Nurses offer support and care for families. Since our partnership in 1991 we've provided funding for pioneering medical research and campaigning for the rights of children with disabilities.


Magic Bus is a mentoring organisation working with children and young people living in marginalised communities in India and the UK.

Since 2007, River Island and the Lewis family have partnered with the organisation to provide support, assist with the expansion of the programme in the Indian state of Karnataka and further develop their work in the London borough of Lambeth.

River Island and the Lewis Family has worked alongside Young Epilepsy since 2011 and proudly supported the construction of their new school.

"River Island has been instrumental in helping us reach young people with epilepsy at universities. We remain so grateful for their support, giving children with epilepsy across the UK better futures to look forward to"
Sir Gerald Acher CBE LVO, President


We have partnered with anti-bullying charity ‘Ditch The Label’ for our exclusive We Are One collection. Created in collaboration with Ditch The Label, £3 from every sale goes directly to the anti-bullying charity. From multicoloured mesh to matching rainbow sets and t-shirts featuring the empowering collection slogan, each limited-edition style makes a bold statement!


Chickenshed works to ensure no child or young person, however disadvantaged or socially deprived, is ever excluded. River Island’s support of this charity helps them to provide 1,000 people every week with an opportunity to interact with and learn from peers.

“What Chickenshed does so magnificently is to inspire and cultivate empathy and develop emotional intelligence in every child and young person.”

Parent of a Chickenshed Children’s Theatre member

The British Red Cross works with Red Cross partners around the world to assist those in crisis.

River Island and the Lewis Family are proud to have supported the work of this valuable charity since 2008. Among many things, our work with the Red Cross has helped them to deliver safer, cleaner water to communities in Ethiopia and Kenya.

River Island’s views and values are its own. Although we work with a number of collaborators they do not represent our views or speak on our behalf.