3 after-school club ready outfits

Make sure your little ones are dressed to impressed when it comes to letting their hair down - we all know how much they love after-school club, so let’s kick it up a notch when it comes to relaxing outside of desks and homework.

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Sporty Spice

If she’s always hop, skip, jumping her way around school (could be energy levels, could be a sugar high), she’ll love this comfy look. A super soft graphic sweatshirt + elasticated leggings + chunky sneakers = fashion maths, completed.

Mix It Up

This one’s for the little chaos-maker. The avid finger-painter. The glitter-glue maven. She often prefers picking her own outfits and would wear cowboy boots to school if she could. Clash souped-up animal print with a longline sweater and block-coloured sneakers for ultimate fun points.

Better Together

Always keep it simple, especially for those mornings you just don’t have the time to get him organised.

Matching sets are the easiest way to get them dressed – fact. Grab one of these sweater sets in Majorelle blue and layer up with a basic tee underneath to keep him warm.