Can your perfume boost your mood?​

...The experts at fragrance house CPL Aromas say "yes". Give your manifesting notebooks and crystals a mini break – our scents have your good mood covered.

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How can fragrance impact your mood?

Scents reminiscent of bright sunny days infused with summers delicious bounty can transport us back to our happy places; maybe the beach complete with a cocktail in hand?

Sicily is a great example. It blends pineapple with coconut and watery tones – ciao!

What are the main top notes we should be looking for to give us a mood boost?

Zingy citrus accords create an effervescent sparkle which enlivens the spirits.  Bergamot and mandarin are fresh and juicy, whilst notes of juniper can provide an aromatic dry January hit.

After a busy festive season, we could all do with a burst of energy. What scent should we be reaching for?

Sunshine Spirit. The essence is energetic with bergamot and aromatic juniper, warmed up with cardamom and white pepper.

& Fresh Vetiver; This bright cologne weaves citrus blossom facets of petitgrain with juicy mandarin and lemons.

A new year means new goals. What is the best perfume to wear to keep you motivated and focused?

Cashmere Musk. Focus with grounding notes of jasmine and green mandarin and a soft veil of musks.

Cedar Adventurer; Mediterranean bergamot channels the mind whilst dry amber provides harmony.

Looking ahead to Valentine's Day, what is the perfect perfume for date night

Decadent Night; Rich with sweet amber and florals kissing the skin; a poetic alchemy radiant with spices, florals and woods.

Turin. Packed with romancing roses and sensual incense to linger on the skin for the duration of your date night.