Five date night beauty hacks

Put down the Milk of Magnesia primer and please don’t do your contour with a fork – Revolution Beauty are here to give us bona fide date night hacks, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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What are 5 date night beauty hacks for looking and feeling your best?

1. Use a waterproof mascara to ensure your lashes stay curled all night long, we recommend Revolution’s 5D Lash Waterproof Mascara.

2. Apply lip liner before lipstick for a smooth, precise application and to prevent lipstick from bleeding.

3. If you have stubborn brow hairs, try Revolution’s Soap Styler. It keeps them in place and gives you a laminated brow look.

4. Before leaving the house, check your makeup in different lighting to ensure everything is blended to perfection.

5. Remember, your inner and outer beauty shines when you feel the most confident!

How do you choose the right red lip and make sure it stays intact all night?

We love the Revolution Satin Kiss Lipstick in Ruby paired with Satin Kiss Lipliner in the same shade. To ensure it lasts all night we recommend blotting your lipstick with a tissue to remove any excess and pop your lipstick in your bag for any touch ups.

To false lash, or not to false lash?

We love long fluttery, ultra-black lashes! We'd recommend Revolution’s 5D Lash Mascara for that ultimate flirty date night look.

We love nothing more than when someone compliments our perfume, what is your top tip on choosing the right one for you and your outfit?

 At Revolution, we like to match our perfume to the overall vibe we're feeling. If you're feeling feminine and flirty, we’d recommend the fruity Revolution Timeless Eau De Toilette. If you are feeling sweeter and more seductive, then Revolution Revolutionary Eau De Toilette is the one for you.

We’re big fans of winged eyeliner for date night glam: what are your tips for the perfect flick?

Make sure your elbows are supported on a table to give you full control over your application and aim your wings towards the tail of your brows. Remember to take your time and use small strokes when drawing across the lash line and filling in the wing. Any mistakes can be easily corrected by dipping an angled brush in makeup remover. Practice makes perfect.

What are the three products in your handbag for date night and why?

Choosing only three products is difficult. We would take the perfume we’ve chose for the night in a 10ml size (it's the perfect on-the-go handbag essential).. And of course, for any top ups in between drinks or food, we would take our Revolution Satin Kiss Ruby lipstick and Revolution Satin Kiss Ruby lipliner for a flawless application all night.