How to dress for a garden party

2021 will be remembered as the year we fully embraced alfresco living. However unreliable the UK weather is, our need for a cocktail and nibbles with friends can be predicted with 100% accuracy. Since May 17th, up to 30 people can hang out outside, so while indoor hospitality has opened up, the real party is in the garden - seriously.

It’s been a really long time since we let loose with up to 29 other people, in fact that right is usually reserved for major events. This year, every occasion feels special and whether you’re meeting up with two or twenty-nine people, there are really only two considerations - your safety and your style. If you’ve got the social distancing bit nailed, all that’s left is your look and that’s where we come in. From fancy affair to casual soiree, we’re here with the best garden party outfits for your social comeback. 

The big deal

Whether it’s a lowkey wedding, big reunion or any other fancy affair, this is your opportunity to make an entrance. Dressing all the way up might be a bit different now (it’s been a minute since we ditched the joggers) but, an effort can be made - we’re talking garden party dresses.Midi styles are still having a moment and, in our opinion, are the failsafe choice. Why settle for one trend, when you can incorporate three summer must-haves into a single dress? To turn your look into a triple threat, pick a maxi dress with a statement floral print and lace trim detailing. When it comes to summer dresses we’re in the ‘go bold or go home’ camp and this year, the mood is brighter than ever. Let your optimism show in your colour and print selection, from pretty florals to riviera stripes or bold pops and pair it with a simple sandal.

The family thing

Remember when the thought of a family function filled you with dread? Now that we can legally see the fam again, we really do want to (commentary on our ‘questionable’ life choices included). Because the conversations can get uncomfortable, make sure your garden party outfit is anything but. Jeans and a nice top is the dynamic duo to ensure you are prepared for anything, even escaping to meet friends after. For a summer take on the classic look, we’re loving light and pretty tops - frills, broderie, florals - it’s all in the details. From in-law to aunt, remind them of your angelic status in an all white or ecru ensemble. If you’re taking your own little angels with you, a mini-me version is ALWAYS available and we’re always here for it.

The friend meet 

There are those garden parties that don’t happen in a garden at all, especially for those of us who live in the city. So, if you’re more crisps on the common than prosecco on the patio (actually, the fizz is non-negotiable) then you need a more casual look. Something cute that works with sandals is always a winner for group gatherings in the park. If you ask us, there’s nothing cuter than a playsuit, however access to a toilet is usually the deciding factor so do your research before making your choice. With facilities assured, all you need to do is find your perfect style. This season shirts are essential so it makes sense to choose a button-through collared style. We like a soft utility option, think shortie boilersuit vibes. One last tip, BYOL! Layers are a must if you want to make it past sundown.

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