How to make cargo trousers work in your wardrobe

They’re back! If you thought cargo trousers died in the '00s, think again. Masters of disguise, the utilitarian style can be dressed up or down to suit you and your social life. Cargos, like many things from the noughties, are so wrong but so right, and here's how to make them work in your wardrobe.

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Feeling unsure? Dressing in fashion’s favourite shade is the failsafe way to dip your toe in. We’ve put our own spin on the classic, modernising the slouchy style to work with your 2023 wardrobe. The elevated satin finish is perfect for the office, bringing clean cut cool to your 9-5 and beyond. A simple black tee and cropped jacket will provide all the proportion play this look craves.

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Call it research, inner child work, whatever you like, just do your younger self a favour and get reacquainted with cargos. A classic knit in not-so-classic bubblegum pink will make sure these slouchy staples are back for good. Balance out all the casual with a sky-high pair of electric blue stilettos, because why not? We’re here to have fun.

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You saw this coming, right? The return of low-rise was a major hint. Honour your 14 year old self by leaning into the original khaki colourway - a true ode to Y2K. Elevate with a cropped knit and sleek accessories that throw this blast from the past into sharp relief. Don’t hold back, if anyone can pull this off it’s you.

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