Power of Three

Power of Three
Although we are the first ones to preach positivity and encourage the spreading of joy, we understand that it can be hard during uncertain times. Now more than ever, it is crucial to take care of our mental wellbeing. Over the coming weeks our Islanders will be doing all they can to raise money for our three power charities: Mind, Age UK and Place2Be.Our three charities are working hard to support wellbeing and mental health during this difficult time and always. They do amazing work for the community and we are proud to support them. Let’s introduce you to our powerful charity trio… 
Mind is the leading mental health charity in England and Wales. During these uncertain times, protecting our mental health has never been so important. Many of us are worried about coronavirus and how it will affect us and those we love. For those of us with mental health problems, we may never have felt more alone or isolated. With the country in lockdown, and health and social services under pressure, it’s leaving us without many of the things we value for our mental wellbeing. This is where Mind steps in. Mind is there for anyone experiencing a mental health problem with information and support to help you cope in this crisis.
Wellbeing Tips:

Stick to a routine! Structure your day so you feel more in control.

Move! Moving your body will do wonders for your head. Dance in your bedroom for some mood boosting endorphins.

Socialise! If you’re feeling down, hit up your group chat for a much-needed pep talk.

Age UK
We’re all finding things hard at the moment but it’s particularly tough for older people who might be isolating alone or have no one else to turn to, often without the vital support they need. Age UK is supporting the older generation through this difficult time and providing practical and emotional support to people across the country. Whether that is doing a food shop or having a weekly phone call, Age UK refuses to let older people struggle alone. The charity has set up an emergency Coronavirus Appeal which we are proud to support.

How You Can Help:

Swap numbers! Never underestimate the power of a friendly chat.

Lend a hand! Why not offer to pick up shopping for an older neighbour or relative?

Fundraise! #Overdress for Age UK is launching on Thursday 7th of May, but you can join in any day! Swap your trackies for a tiara to raise money for their Coronavirus Appeal.


Place2Be is a children’s mental health charity that provides mental health support and training in UK schools. Place2Be believes that children should not have to face mental health problems alone – and we 100% agree. It is an uncertain time for everyone but in particular children. School closures, not being able to see their friends, and their family’s health are just some of the worries they may be facing. Now more than ever, children and families need emotional support and a reassurance that the current situation isn’t forever. Head to their website for helpful digital resources and wellbeing activity ideas for your family.

Enjoy Quality Time Together As A Family By:

Being creative! Let their imagination run wild and get out the paints.

Keep in touch with their friends. Organise a FaceTime play date once a week.

Go outside every day! Fresh air works wonders.

Stay tuned to find out how our Islanders come together to make a difference to people’s lives. We can’t wait to bring you more updates on our ongoing support for these amazing charities and how YOU can get involved!