Real Talk | Normalising cellulite with @bella.inzio

Welcome to our brand new Real Talk series, a four part exploration into body positivity and embracing your true self. We’ll be having honest conversations with four different content creators each week about body image, diet culture and the truth behind those ‘picture perfect’ Instagram posts. For our second instalment we’re kicking things up a gear with Jade from @bella.inzio, talking all things cellulite, stretch marks and our obsession with perfection. Buckle up and get ready for some real talk with Jade …

Why do you think cellulite is still rarely seen in the media even though 90% of women will have it?

I think it's because it breaks that idea of a 'perfect' body completely. For so long cellulite has been associated with being unhealthy and overweight which we all know it's complete and utter rubbish. It's in our very DNA, if your mum or nan has cellulite, the chances are that you'll have it too. Whether you’re a size 6 or a size 36, you still have a 90% chance of having cellulite. So, for it to still be perceived as this dirty little secret and something that we're meant to feel shame about is absolutely crazy to me.

Why is society obsessed with perfection? And what are the consequences of that on individuals?

I think it's because we’re taught that perfection equals happiness. We think that these celebrities with 'perfect' bodies live the happiest lives, so we strive for a little piece of it. ‘If I just lose 10 pounds I'll be happy' or 'if I could just get rid of the cellulite on the back of my legs, I'll look like Kim K and I'll be happy' and I think that's the problem. It puts a huge amount of pressure on everyone to strive for this apparent perfection, when in reality losing 10 pounds isn’t going to make you happy in the long run.

Do you feel more confident now that you’ve accepted your body for what it is rather than trying to change it?

Hand on heart, since I stopped hating my body for what it wasn't and started loving it for what it was I feel like a new woman. It's so easy to obsess and compare yourself to people you see in films and on social media for example. Everyone has something they wish they could change, so the sooner we start being kinder to ourselves and accepting ourselves for who we are the sooner that pressure on us all is lifted.

What are your top body confidence tips?

- Wear your favourite things, don't save them for best.

- Surround yourself with people that make you feel good about yourself.

- Throw away clothes that don’t fit. They will only ever make you feel bad about yourself, so get rid of them!

Do you love or accept your stretch marks?

I have a few stretch marks around my hips and I look at them as a symbol of becoming a woman. How could you not love your tiger stripes?

Why are women taught to hate perfectly normal parts of their body?

Honestly? I think it's because we're taught to compete against each other for male attention. If you have a toned body, smooth skin and whatever else, boys will like you more. If we look like these 'perfect' celebs, boys will like us more. That and if we never see it in the media, we're going to think there's something wrong with us. If beauty products are being sold to us to 'get rid of' excess hair, cellulite, acne etc, we're going to believe that they are shameful, and we need to get rid of them..

Do you think the media has a part to play in society’s body insecurity?

I think it plays an absolutely gigantic role in everyone's body insecurities, not just women. Photoshop is the absolute devil and is capable of completely changing someone. Smooth out the cellulite, make her waist smaller, tone those arms, make her face completely poreless and smooth. On men it's about creating fuller hairlines, bigger and more defined muscles and making them seem over 6ft tall. That is what is put out for us all to digest and the standard we think we have to compete with. Always take what you see in the media with a heaped spoonful of salt.

What outfit makes you feel like the most confident, badass version of you?

Hands down a sassy playsuit with a gorgeous print, some cute heels or wedges and a little bag. I may as well be Beyonce when I'm wearing it all!

What do you think of products that claim to get rid of cellulite?
I think they can all get in the bin! They all claim to be this miracle cure, when in reality it's genetic and we're made to feel gross for something that is naturally in our DNA. To pray on an insecurity of something that is SO normal and put a premium on it to try (and fail) to fix it is completely vile. You never need to change who you are to try and fit in.

Who are your body positivity role models? 

The first person that springs to mind is my sister, her zero s**ts attitude is so infectious and she’s always been that way which is so refreshing. There are also a plethora of INCREDIBLE women that I follow online that inspire me constantly: @francescaperks @themeganedit @beckyloubutton @stephanieyeboah @em_clarkson @antonia.jade

See you next Wednesday for the latest instalment of Real Talk