The Comeback Kids

You may have spotted some familiar faces across your explore page and yes, the rumours are true, your faves are back. Meet the comeback kids, the trends we thought we’d left behind in the ‘90s & ‘00s never to be worn again. However, Fashion is fickle and although trends come and go, it’s rare that we ever say goodbye for good. Designers look to the past to create for the future, taking inspo from iconic eras that produced legendary looks. Ready to get reacquainted?


Your fave ‘90s and ‘00s shade is back and we’ve fallen for it hard (again!) Bigger and sweeter than ever the question is has lilac dethroned pink for good? We wouldn’t rule it out. Edgier than pink and cuter than neutrals what’s not to love? The last time lilac had such a moment Britney Spears was topping the charts and low rise jeans were all the rage. It became the defining colour of the era (thanks Lil’ Kim) and now it’s back with a vengeance. From matching sets and coats to accessories and trainers, no item of clothing is safe from the purple treatment.


Thanks to Queen B, houndstooth is back on our radar. She welcomed the new year in wearing a sheer houndstooth bodysuit and jacket combo that we’re obsessed with. The print is timeless but every few years it’s given a modern makeover and the love affair begins again. This time we’re holding The Crown Season 4 responsible because every royal from Princess Di to the Queen was rocking the heritage print. Oh, and we can’t forget about THAT pink houndstooth moment in Emily in Paris – the ultimate preppy chic. A recurring runway fave, this is a comeback we’ll never be mad at.

Y2K hats

We can’t explain it but the era we loved to hate a few years ago is back and we’re so here for it. Y2K is having a moment and the iconic bucket and baker boy hats have taken the world by a storm once again. Notorious trendsetter, Katie Holmes, was spotted wearing a baker boy cap while running errands and since then we haven’t stopped thinking about it. The forgotten retro style was a fave of noughties style icons like Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez both on and off the red carpet. So if you’re not already, maybe it’s time to become a hat person?


It’s common knowledge that leopard print never really goes out of style despite what fashion forecasters tell us. We’re not complaining, ‘leopard is back’ is the perfect excuse to buy even more of our favourite animal print. Yes, Tiger King made our love even bigger but let’s be honest we would’ve worn it head to toe anyway. At this point, it’s a neutral and we predict it’ll be in our wardrobes forever.