The Kind Society: Partnerships

Making fashion a force for good isn’t something we can do alone. The journey isn’t just about us, it’s about changing fashion everywhere for everyone, which is why we need to work for a Kind Society, together.

This is just snapshot of our partnerships, and there’s so much more going on behind the scenes. Want to get into the details? Download our reports for a deep dive into the Kind Society.

Sustainability update report 2022

Sustainability update report 2021

Sustainability is a journey we’re all on together, and without collaboration, we can’t make change.

By working with expert partners we can validate ideas, and work on complex solutions to help change happen in River Island and beyond.

In 2021, we joined with projects including Wrap, Textiles 2030, Canopy and the Microfibre Consortium to help us, and fashion, on the road to change. Next year, and every year, we’ll keep looking for new partnerships that keep us moving forward. 


“There is more we need to do to drive further the integration of sustainability into our business and we will continue to seek the partnerships that we feel can bring solutions to scale and drive overall improvements in our business and in our industry.”