The Newborn checklist

Get prepared for your special delivery with our handy newborn checklist. Calm those ‘what-ifs’ by working your way down the list of baby essentials. From multipack baby grows to muslin clothes to super cute snowsuits, we’ve got everything you (and your bump) need.

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You can never have enough babygrows. Let’s repeat that: you can NEVER have enough babygrows. Whether you’re a first-time parent or going again, never underestimate how quickly your newborn will get through their vests and bodysuits. If there was an Olympic sport for changing in and out of bodysuits, babies would win gold every single time. Save yourself (and the planet) from constant wash cycles and buy in bulk. Multipacks are lifesavers when it comes to dressing your mini-mes.

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Just look at this adorable coat! We wish it came in adult sizes but luckily for you, you have someone special on the way that it will fit perfectly. It doesn’t get cuter than a coat with ears and soon you’ll be snuggling with your little bear.

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Your bundle of joy needs an outfit for special occasions because, let’s face it, they’re always the centre of attention. Whether it’s a christening or going over to Grandma's, make sure they’ve got their extra adorable romper on. Your camera roll is going to be exclusively baby pics from now on so why not make them as cute as can be?

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Layers are newborn essentials so sticking to basics is a smart move, so picking out one or two special pieces like this cardi is a must. Whether they'll be arriving in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, they'll always need a cosy knit. Pair with summer dresses, mini dungarees or over babygrows, the options are limitless.

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If you thought losing socks was just a ‘you’ problem just wait until your bundle of joy arrives. Like bodysuits and vests, it’s best to stock up. Keep their brand-new toes toasty in all our pairs of socks in a wide variety of colours. Multipacks are the way to go for their happy feet and your peace of mind. Style tip: frilly socks and sandals. Cooing central.

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Plan on being a cool mum with a popping social life? Enter the everyday sets or ‘lifesavers’ as we like to call them. Forget outfit planning, use your time effectively with matching sets and already-styled outfits. Leaving the house with a newborn is a feat in itself so it makes sense to streamline your mini-me’s wardrobe.

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Did you know this item of clothing existed? The more you know, eh? Whether you’re introducing them to the world or are on your third lap of the park trying to prolong naptime, pram shoes are a necessity. Not only do pram shoes keep babies feet warm but they double your not-losing-socks success rate.

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If you’re looking for a newborn gift for a friend, make it these. Babies need to be snug 24/7 and this cute matching knitted blanket and hat does just that. Whether they’re chilling on their playmat or having a nap in their bugaboo, a cosy blankie nearby is always a good idea.

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Forget rushing out the house with just your keys, phone and purse, motherhood is about to multiply what’s in your bag. For the next few years, you’ll need to bring everything and the kitchen sink. Treat yourself to a practical new rucksack and changing bag that you can fill with nappies, baby wipes and stickers galore.

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Some big life changes are coming your way, but one thing that doesn’t need to change is your look. We know how important it is for mothers-to-be to still feel like themselves and this is exactly what RI Mamma is here to do. Designed to be worn during and after pregnancy, embrace your glow with the iconic looks to match, from dungarees to bodycon dresses that hug you (and your bump!)

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