Three reasons they need these essential outfits

Whether you’re all off to the park or they’ve been invited to a friend’s house, wardrobe essentials make getting them dressed a breeze. Save on time and energy with these key pieces that make them look and feel amazing.

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Going to the Park 

Going to the park with kids is a mission, but our sets and outfits make it a whole lot easier. Instead of staring into their wardrobes blankly, stock up on a few already-styled outfits that are playground perfect and save you at least 15 minutes of brain power. While they cause havoc on the swings wearing a comfy legging and t-shirt combo, you can sip your coffee in peace.

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School Clubs

Remember these? You either loved them or hated them but one thing’s for sure: comfort was key. Leggings are a legendary after-school club essential that will never go out of style. Comfy like pyjamasbut with way more street cred, leggings are a must whether your kids go to gym, dance, swimming or chess.

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Birthday Party

Their social calendars are full of them and each one requires an outfit. Jeans are the epitome of cool and their versatility is through the roof. Invest in a few pairs for your party animal to foolproof their weekend wardrobe. They’ll thank you for introducing the jeans and a nice top dress code later on in life. Promise.

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