Top 5 beauty tips from Bryony Blake

Stop mixing your foundation with water and using forks to contour – those TikTok make-up "hacks" have nothing on this. We spoke to celebrity make-up artist Bryony Blake about her top five tips to look red carpet-ready.

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Good Skincare Prep

This for me is a must when you’re starting any makeup, adapt your skincare if needed but especially on a night out. For example, I have very dry skin but I don’t want to use a thick cream as it will feel too much on my skin so I would swap it for either a serum or a lightweight moisturiser. Prepping your skin before makeup will mean that your makeup will sit better, last all night and ultimately make you look amazing.

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Foundation 101

For a special occasion or when you know you want your makeup to last all night, it’s really important you use the right kind of base. I always choose a slightly heavier coverage foundation for these occasions, not because I want my makeup to look heavy, but because I want it to stay put and last, therefore using a slightly heavier foundation will mean less touching up throughout the night.

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A Gorgeous Lip

I love a statement lip. The bolder the better especially when I’m going to a party but if bright and bold isn’t for you maybe go for a gorgeously shimmery gloss. Whatever your style just don’t forget your lipstick as it really does complete the whole look.

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Shimmer On The Eyes

I feel if there ever is a time to wear a little bit of shimmer its party season!

It doesn’t have to be a full-on glittery eye, it could just be a touch in the inner corner, but shimmer on the eye just catches the light and can jazz up any makeup look.

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