Top five LBDs for party season​

The LBD, fashion’s most famous acronym, has been partying since 1926. The perfect mix of timeless and sexy, there’s a reason this after-dark staple has remained through trends and eras. From raven plumes to sultry satin, we take little black dresses (and their unique details) seriously.

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Spread your wings and fly straight to the dancefloor in our monthly must-have. Feathers are the new glitz (thanks to Harry Styles) and this LBD is well equipped to show you a good time. The fun feather cuffs strike an important balance with the sultry neckline and ruching to prove that you’re more than a pretty face, you’re the life and soul of the party.

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Sequins are a girl's best friend and this LBD is dripping in them. If you prefer more coverage than the average party goer or just run cold, this looser and long sleeve style is for you. Add towering heels, a handbag, a punchy red lip and you’re ready to cause a scene.

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English teachers were on to something with ‘keep it simple stupid’. Sometimes stripping a look back to basics is when the magic happens and this LBD is magical. Crafted from slinky satin complete with chain straps and a cowl neckline, this ‘90s inspired dress lets you do the talking (and dancing, drinking, flirting … all the usual party things.)

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Feathers, again! Told you we were obsessed. This heavily plumed LBD is giving Black Swan without the horror. Enhance your curves thanks to the hourglass shape and stay warm while waiting for your Uber with the long sleeve, high neck detail. Keep your accessories low-key so the dress remains the star of the show. 

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Hot goth winter is in full force and the LBD (alongside Kourtney Kardashian-Barker) is carrying the entire season. The dark side gets us all in the end but if overly feminine looks aren’t your thing, grunge it up. Add chunky black boots, chains and go heavy on the eyeliner. What do you think? Blink-182 times for yes.

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