Ways to wear the key fits of the season

Our jeans are a pretty big deal. You may think the pair you’ve had for years is the one but we’re here to (temporarily) break your heart. Put yourself back on the market and prepare to meet our four key fits because sometimes the grass actually IS greener. Crafted from responsibly sourced cotton, each signature pair features premium detailing and cuts designed to be iconic - meaning whichever style you choose, it’s a keeper. 

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TikTok may have cancelled them, but in our opinion skinny jeans are a great starting point to any outfit. Sure, you may not want ten different pairs like you did in 2005 but there’s still a place for this slim fitting style. Create a casual outfit with - you guessed it - a pair of skinny jeans, a white tee and an overshirt thrown over the top. Be careful not to go too extreme with your silhouette, keeping your top half as streamlined as your bottom.

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Word on the street is that Slim is the most versatile cut; for everybody and every occasion. Roomier than its Skinny cousin, slim jeans still manage to maintain a slick silhouette making them ideal for smart casual occasions. Go for a darker denim wash like indigo for evening plans but balance it out with a relaxed white T-shirt. Lighter hues generally work well for daytime, so it bodes well to have a few pairs in your denim arsenal for those last-minute park and then pub plans.

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A relaxed fit to match your relaxed plans, get ready to cop the latest jean on the block. Slouch your way around town in this loose fitting cut that gives you all the room to move. Make your look monochrome for a surprisingly smart take on the so-called '‘relaxed’' style.

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Like Skinny, only skinner. Style this extreme fit with balance at the forefront of your mind. Chunky trainers and bulky jumpers will throw your silhouette all off so think '‘streamlined’' and you’ll be on to a winner. Double denim cuts out the middleman providing ready-made coordination (and cool); making your job of getting dressed simpler.  Just add a slim fit t-shirt and a pair of trainers – just don’t go too chunky.

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