Navigating Dad

Forget map reading, the hardest thing is locating a gift your dad actually wants. Writers of the ‘I have everything I need’ manual, dads really are the hardest button to button when it comes to any and all gift-giving occasions. But guess what? We’ve found the ultimate route to help you navigate Father’s Day. Leading you to solutions, we’ll help you find a gift he’ll love. And if all else fails, there’s always socks.  

The Adventurous Dad 

Out in the garden, off on a hike, away on a camping excursion - this dad is always on the move. Sitting indoors is his worst nightmare and the last year hasn’t been easy on him, so make sure you get him something he’ll really love. Some strong basics in a neutral colour palette or true blue denim is what we see for him.  

The Creative Dad 

His ideal weekend activities are visiting an art gallery, flicking through vinyls at a record store or making music. Also known as the ‘cool’ dad, this guy is often the envy of your friends and always has his finger on the pulse. A faithful print-lover, a loud shirt is always a strong option for this dad, followed by sleek black accessories. He might even be cooler than you in these.  

The Sporty Dad 

If he’s not glued to the TV watching sports (at home now, at the pub later), he’s out playing it. This dad is a true team player and loves a bit of camaraderie, but one thing he loves even more? A decent kit. No, not a football kit but his everyday uniform. Add a checked shirt to his collection or some clean kicks and you’ll make his day.  

The Distinguished Dad  

Often found sipping a glass of red, losing himself in a good book or treating himself to something luxurious, this dad enjoys the finer things in life. Buying for him may feel intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. A nicely cut jacket, a shiny new watch, a smart loafer or an aromatic cologne - these are a few of his favourite things.