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5 Books We’re Reading

Whether you’ve got some annual leave and are chasing the winter sun or are having some much-needed me time at the weekend, it’s all about RR&R – that’s rest, relaxation and reading.  Yes, we’re swapping our happy hours for hardbacks (for once!)  Remember the last time you read a book? Maybe you’re an avid page-turner on your daily commute or perhaps your university reading list is but a distant memory - along with the books. Fear not, we’ve got the reading list you’ll definitely want to tackle this weekend that’s probably a bit (read: a lot) more fun than your degree days…

What A Time To Be Alone, Chidera Eggurue

Chidera Eggerue AKA The Slumflower is the social media personality with over 100k followers, who founded the #SaggyBoobsMatter movement and is to put it frankly, our saviour. Her debut novel, What A Time To Be Alone is a self-help book of sorts aimed at young people and focuses on how to be selfish. And by selfish, we mean putting yourself first. Definitely one you’ll turn to again and again. 

Noughts & Crosses 

The book on many a curriculum back in our school days, it was announced last month that Malorie Blackman’s, Noughts + Crosses is being made into a theatre production and we’re here for it. Telling the story of Sephy, a Cross, and Callum, a nought, it addresses racial inequalities in a divided Romeo & Juliet-world. Worth a re-read. 

Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race, Reni Eddo-Lodge

In 2014, journalist, Reni Eddo-Lodge wrote a blog post on her frustrations with racism and white privilege that went viral in its own right. Fast forward a few years and Reni has released her debut novel and a continuation of that blog post. If you do anything this year, you need to read this, regardless of race.

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine, Gail Honeyman

Gail Honeymoon’s debut novel is one to hit you right in the feels and have you giggling all at the same time. From her daily M&S meal deals to stalking her crush on Twitter, it’s one we can all relate to and perfectly captures what it is to be lonely in today’s manic world.  

Everything I Know About Love, Dolly Alderton

As a Sunday Times dating columnist and journalist, it’s safe to say Dolly Alderton knows a thing or two when it comes to finding love. Documenting the ups, the downs and the MSN conversations, she’s got modern dating down to a tee. Be prepared to laugh (a lot) and maybe shed a tear or two.

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