Making pyjamas appropriate for every occasion is our biggest quarantine achievement. If, like us, you’ve finessed nightwear to work for all hours of the day, we salute you but even we think it’s time to switch it up. Return your pjs to their bedtime only territory where they belong and start to elevate your day time style. Make all lockdown activities ten times better by giving your pjs a break and slipping into something more glam. Don’t worry your oversized t-shirt will still be under your pillow at the end of the day.

You’ve become a lady of leisure during lockdown and it suits you. Some may say you’ve got a little too used to the hermit life, but we think you’re just making the current situation work for you. 

There’s nothing wrong with drinking a martini on the sofa at 11am if you’re finishing your 45th book of isolation at the same time. It’s called balance people.

Exercise attempt 103 did not go well. Yeah, moving your body is good for you but one lunge and you’re out. 

Luckily, it’s common knowledge that cycling shorts were also made for collapsing back into bed and having a mid-afternoon nap. Baddies need naps too – especially after a single push up.

Being the socialite you are, glowing skin is essential to keep up appearance during all your zoom calls. 

Glam up those mandatory spa nights and live your best life in an Elizabeth Taylor approved silk kaftan. Let’s call it exfoliation with a side of Hollywood glamour. All you need now is two slices of cucumber!

Give your trackies a rest and wow your neighbours on your daily walk in something more glam. 

Rainbow spotting deserves an iconic outfit so suit up and enjoy getting a dose of vitamin d. You’ve left your pyjama top at home but still taken comfort on the road. Breathe that fresh air in and out, taking in the surroundings you used to take for granted.