Trust our Islanders to look good even when they’re just at home. You don’t have to have plans to get all dressed up because it’s 5 o‘clock somewhere, right?! Get that feel good feeling by treating yourself to a major pamper sesh, put on a fabulous outfit and pour yourself a glass of fizz. You’ve got to get your Friday night kicks from somewhere so why not your living room? That LBD looks just as fire at home as it does in the club. Let these Islanders show you that dressing up to stay in is the new going out… 

When you can’t go outside what do you do? Bring the outside in with spring florals – problem solved. When you’ve look this good Instagram deserves to know. Time to grab your live-in photographer – Dad!

Dressing up for yourself isn’t cancelled so put on a badass two-piece set, pour yourself a glass of wine and get ready for a virtual quiz night with your girls. Turn the music up while you’re getting ready for all the good vibes and get ready to win. 

Dress to impress (your mum). If you’re not sick of your 24/7 pyjama habit, then your family definitely are. Treat them to a change and go all out in the style stakes for dinner. A basic spag bol meal instantly becomes a fine dining experience when eaten in a suit. Fact. 

Whether you live with bae or are doing virtual long distance, this dress is perfect for an at-home date night. Treat yourself to a takeaway and another episode of Tiger King for all the feel-good Friday vibes. Whether your date is IRL or via webcam you’re guaranteed to look (and feel) on point. 

You wouldn’t go to the cinema in your pjs so why not make your movie marathon an occasion by getting dressed. We’re only talking a smart casual look but it’s guaranteed to take you from slob to suave in seconds. All you need now is a bounty of snacks and to press play.

Get the lads together for a virtual games night with a twist. Make Monopoly an occasion by dressing up in your slickest suit just for fun. Prepare for an instant confidence boost and remember to collect £200 when you pass go in style.