Fashion & Furnishings With 2LG

Last week, we held a pop-up event to celebrate the launch of RI Home and invited the always- fabulous creative duo, Metro columnists and interior designers, 2LG AKA Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead. As our reps for the New Nordic trend, we sat down to talk all things fashion and furnishings…

How did you come up with the name 2LG?

It was the postcode of our first home together, SE23 2LG, and our pals used to affectionately call us 2 Lovely Gays – so it just stuck! And then 2LG Studio was born.

How did you find each other…

We met at a friend’s birthday party - he was a mutual ex! 

And get into interiors?

It was a gradual process. We both started out as actors and then went into screen printing textiles. We were invited to design a suite at a hotel and then ended up doing 20 rooms, the bar and restaurant and gardens! It was a baptism of fire but really cemented that’s what we wanted to do.

What’s the best and worst thing about working together?

Best, we are 100% honest all of the time. Worst, we never switch off!

Where does your inspiration come from?

Everywhere. It could be from each other, a piece of music or a play. You’ve got to be open to discovering something. It could be the way a stranger in the street puts an outfit together or a painting you see at a grad show.

Is the process different for each client or project?

We’ve developed a process over the last five years that works as a framework for our design ethos but because the people are always so different the projects vary wildly.

How much does the client inspire your vision?

Entirely. There’s no room for our ego - it’s all about them!

Can you tell us about your favourite transformation?

We literally fall in love with every project. It’s such a personal process so you have to be in love with every phase.

What about the funniest?

We once got asked to design a bedroom around the theme of “an elephant and a duck.”

Are you always aligned in your vision?

Not always. But we’ve learned that the magic happens when neither of us compromise. It’s hard and can often be tense, but there’s magic in that tension!

Who usually wins when you have opposing views?

Neither! We don’t compromise.

What about your own home, what’s the vibe?

 Bright, complex, colourful. We call it ‘Joyful Minimalism’.

Do you have a messy drawer?

Jordan: No!

Russell: I have several...

You both have great style, does your fashion sense reflect in your home style?

Yes definitely. It’s good to mix classics with something edgy, but also dress how you love and then apply that to your home. Experiment and be brave.

Can you give us your top tips for making your home authentically you?

Don’t compromise. Be bold. Embrace each other’s differences. And if you love something, who cares if it’s on trend?!

Who’s house would you love to makeover?

Russell: Tilda Swinton. I don’t expect she needs it at all, but can you imagine working with her?

Jordan: Maybe the Queen? Can you imagine giving her a modernist space? I love the idea of a fish out of water! 

What are your thoughts on the RI Home collection?

I think it’s really interesting how you’ve combined the fashion and interiors; you’ve got these amazing photos where interiors are presented in a way that connects with the actual person.