During a global crisis, it can be hard to find the positives - all you can do is try your best! It is more important than ever to look after your mental health and lockdown can be a great opportunity to do so. With the extra time at home, you can focus on mindfulness and meditation which will help you with staying calm and reducing your anxiety. To help us on our path to mindfulness we’ve got our yoga teacher friend, Lucy Sesto, to give us her top tips. Over to you, Lucy…

Lucy’s 5 Mindfulness tips

This is the best way to wake up and set the right tone for the rest of the day! As soon as you wake up, try to not check your phone and just sit in bed for a few mins listening to the sounds around you.

Start with a 5 minute guided meditation in the morning - this can help to get you into a routine of meditating every day! Close your eyes and allow yourself to be in that moment without thinking about the past or the future.

We walk around all the time to get to wherever we need to go and sometimes we do this without actually taking in our surroundings. Next time you walk somewhere see if you can notice 5 new things that perhaps you hadn’t been aware of before!

It’s very easy to get caught up in the fast pace of life. Pick a few things in your day and try to slow them down, whether that’s drinking a cup of tea or folding some clothes. Try and slow each movement down.

Even in these restricted times we still need to move our bodies. Whether that’s taking your dog for a walk or doing some yoga and workouts at home, our bodies crave movement. See if you can notice the sensations in your body with each movement you take.

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Photography by Sam Mills @wrongavenue

Get comfy and slow down