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Mama Cax | Do Stand Out

Our girl’s guide on why you should dare to be different

It’s no secret that we love Mama Cax – her style, vibe and voice… everything! Blogger, Motivational Speaker and Model, she uses her platform to talk about body positivity and to dismantle the perceived image of what people with disabilities should look like.

After receiving a cancer diagnosis at 14 years old that gave her just three weeks to live, Mama Cax beat the odds after much treatment and ultimately, the amputation of her right leg. Far from shrinking into the background, Mama learnt to embrace her prosthetic leg and has numerous covers to accessorise her bold looks. When it comes to her style and life, her approach is DO STAND OUT and we couldn’t agree more!

After spending time with Mama Cax and her infectious energy, we’ve learnt so much about embracing our bodies and attitudes, and now we’re passing those tips on to you…

Don’t be afraid to break a rule or two.

“I think I can be a very rebellious person. When I was a kid my favourite colour was always blue and I think I was trying to be a little rebel because every girl would want the pink stuff.”

Confidence is your greatest accessory

“Never leave the house without it! I would say I can be both an introvert and an extrovert at the same time and it’s challenging balancing the two. Confidence and self-love doesn’t come naturally to me, but I make sure I work hard to achieve it! The journey of self-love is never ending and I think that’s why it’s become part of my work to empower women to embrace their beauty and their differences.”

Don’t care about what other people think

“With my leg, I was always working to get a silicone leg with lots of detail and I just got to a point where I asked myself why I was doing all of that. I was doing it to not get ostracised by people and be accepted, but then I realised I didn’t care if it was covered or not. To me it looks even better when it doesn’t look like an actual leg. My cover is like an accessory to me, I have 18 of them in different colours.”

Do experiment

“As a creative, I like to play around with patterns and colours, matching my prosthetic covers to my outfit while wearing colourful eyeliners and bold jewellery. My style is loud and very fluid. It’s my way of showcasing my over-the-top and fun personality.”

Don’t let anything stop you

“I want people to know that I’m not the kind of person who lets anything stop me. It’s crucial for me to be promoting self-love and I want to show others that they are worth it. You have to embrace yourself. You’re never going to go from A to B easily, it’s an ongoing journey but you can do it.”

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