The Wild Boy with Golden Curls

This year we’ve teamed up a handful of our most inspirational friends to find out what the sunny season means to them. The first of our exclusive summer stories belongs to model, actress and super mama Amanda Booth, her husband Mike and their gorgeous, golden haired son Micah. “Dreamy, sun-drenched and intensely imaginative” we dare you to read it and not fall head over heels for the ‘wild boy with the golden curls’.

When does your summer officially start? 
 The joy of living in SoCal is that so many days feel like summer, and that’s exactly why we live here. We love summer!!
If your summer was a story, where would it take place? 
 Our summer story would ideally take place in Costa Rica, some place rich with wildlife, beautiful beaches, and good surf!
Who are the major characters?
 Micah is the centre of any good summer tale! He’s our little wild boy, with his golden curls and adventurous mind. He’s the perfect summer boy because he loves nothing more than warm water, and cold popsicles! He would explore through the jungle on the back of his dog, Lady. His papa would be out cutting bananas from the trees, and his mama would be finding him treasures and seashells. Basically, a fantastical version of our real life! It’s important to live your stories! 
As a family, do you prefer lazy summer days or are you adventurers?

 I prefer lazy summer days, splashing about in any body of water. Mike however, loves and needs adventures! I think that’s why we work well together; the family ends up very balanced! He would love to be hiking and camping - surviving some sort of wild adventure in the middle of nowhere. I wouldn’t mind plopping on a beach towel and just soaking up the sun! 

What’s your local hotspot or hangout on sunny days?

 We love to grab a coffee and Vegan donut from Donut Friend. Then stroll to the local park for some playtime with Micah, or the botanical gardens (Descanso Gardens).  We love lunch at Kitchen Mouse which is a dairy and gluten free restaurant with a play area for kids, so Micah can go wild and eat anything on the menu! Then, we’d hang out at the Americana because Micah loves to play in the water fountain. The day would end with a hike at Brand Park. Coffee, sweets, water and sunshine. Those are good days! 

What’s the family summer style?
 Micah’s summer style is less-is-more! He can be found tramping around shirtless, barefoot and connected to the earth. As much skin exposed as possible to soak up the summer sun. I think the same would go for me, I love a golden glow! Mike is usually ready for adventure like I mentioned, so he’s actually pretty covered up. A thick pair of jeans and a tee is his go-to. He’s usually building something, or under the hood of some sort of car, so it makes sense.
Your Instagram tells your family story so beautifully, what’s the one thing you want people to know or take away?

 That we are all just human beings. It’s okay to not look put together all the time, or to have feelings that aren’t always just happiness. That’s real life. What makes life so beautiful, is that it’s real. 

Soak up their summer style…




@amanda_booth is a model and actress who lives in Southern California with her husband, Creative Director, Mike Quinones. Together they have a three-year-old son Micah, sharing his Mama’s love of the camera, the family document his adventures through his Instagram account @lifewithmicah and they reckon it’s his heart-melting smile that’s earnt him over 50.000 followers.

Photos taken by Amanda Booth and Husband Mike Quinones.
Photos of family with Amanda's top knot hair shot by Briana Hicks.