Queen Kathleen’s Life Rules

Queen Kathleen’s Life Rules

She may be 100% Style Queen, but as far as we’re concerned, Kathleen owns much more than her killer wardrobe. The 19-year-old performing arts student and part-time model doesn’t wait for life to happen, she takes it at full force, usually whilst belting out a show tune. Here’s her top tips for living your best life, every day…

Travel often
Kathleen is on a mission to see the world; we’re so with you girl! Born in Saudi Arabia, the half-French globe-trotter has also lived in India, China and Dubai,. She travels all over for work and loved modelling in Paris, but her fave place for inspiration is Japan (only a bit jealous).
Value your independence
Throw your hands up if like Kathleen your independent status has you feeling like a queen. Of her many achievements, getting a place at residential college to study performing arts means that Kathleen finally has her own pad… erm, when’s the flat warming?  

Love what you do
She pretended to be a model as a kid and dreamt of making it her profession, now signed with model agency, Zebedee Management and landing major campaigns (ahem), we reckon she’s ticked that off her to-do list. What’s her secret? “Always aim higher than other people’s expectations of you.” PREACH! 


Know when to kick back

Being a student and model can be pretty hectic, but, Kathleen always makes time to chill with her girlfriends. They get together at least once a week for pizza and prosecco in front of their go-to TV show; X Factor. Sounds dreamy!
Appreciate what matters
If you ask Kathleen what matters to her, the answer is clear, her family! Oh, and her boyfriend Jack who she’s been with for SEVEN years, but then he is a chef who Kathleen tells us can make absolutely anything. Yep we’d take food over diamonds any day.
Stand up for what you believe in
We all like a little moan, right? To dread Monday and live for Friday… Not Kathleen, ok not everything is plain sailing, but Kathleen absolutely loves her life. In 2017 she travelled to Spain as well as Switzerland to address the UN, she spoke about life with Down Syndrome, her verdict: totally worth it.
Know your worth, then double it
This one comes straight from our queen “The colour that represents me is gold, because it sparkles.”
You’re probably going to want to follow her @kathleenhumberstone

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