Ross Geller: The Unexpected Style Icon

Friends is renowned for being funny, right? So it goes without saying that the show isn’t exactly our port of call for style advice - Joey’s oversized shirts and Chandlers cardigans we’re looking at you. Could he BE anymore unstylish? But we’re going to throw it out there – Ross is the one to watch. Roll necks, leather pants and muscle fit t-shirts, Dr. Geller must have pree-ed 2019 fashion because he’s (pretty much) on the mark…

The One With The Leather Trousers

Season five’s The One With All The Resolutions brought all the lols too with Ross’ infamous black leather pants. Or were they jeans? Who knows. Aside from the Danny from Grease vibes (and getting physically stuck in them), Ross rocked the all black everything look. Don’t want to invest in leather trousers? Swap for satin and an oversized black shirt. Sorted.

The One With The Red Sweater

Who’d have thought a red jumper would be at the centre of season eight’s ‘Who’s The Daddy?’ debacle. Is it Tag’s? Is it Ross’? Who knows - we thought it always looked like someone had just thrown a water balloon at it tbh. But who are we to judge? Regardless, a red jumper is a wardrobe staple and this one doesn’t have those watermarks. Winner winner.

The One With The Roll Neck

In The One Where The Stripper Cries, we get to know a little too much about Ross’ first kiss with Rachel/ Monica’s first kiss, ever. Turns out Ross actually kissed Monica, whoops. Anywho, one thing to take from the whole incestuous thing is how Ross really rocks that roll neck. Layered under a brown leather jacket (he just can’t get enough can he) we definitely approve.

The One With The Ladies Top

If we were to ask for style advice, Rachel would always be our go-to. Just look at her CV. In season nine’s The One With The Birth Mother, Ross trusts her a little too much when he fails to realise they’ve accidentally swapped shopping bags and proceeds to turn up to the date wearing the same top as said date. Fast forward to 2019 and we’re all about unisex dressing. Ross was just ahead of the times, we say.

The One With The Tight T-Shirt

The 90s was all about oversized tees and baseball caps. Never one to follow a trend, Ross gave new meaning to the muscle fit t-shirts we all know and love when he demanded Rachel return his Frankie Says Relax tee in season three’s post break-up episode. Daring to bare all and giving us a lesson in being the ultimate petty god, he does the Ross thing and returns it following the outburst. Good man.