What Callie Thorpe Wore | Curve Fashion Festival

Last weekend, we hit up Liverpool with the always-amazing Callie Thorpe for this year’s Curve Fashion Festival. Here’s what went down when we grabbed five…

Why is Curve Fashion Festival important?

It’s a good place for likeminded people to meet and an opportunity and safe space for plus size women and men who feel like they’re excluded from society or don’t feel like they have a place. It’s a place for them to explore different brands and try on clothes from brands that maybe they wouldn’t ever consider if they were shopping online. It’s great for them to see people who inspire them and hear them talk. It’s a nice weekend away for people too!

Tell us about your journey...

I started blogging in 2012 in the form of a diet diary. I was at a time in my life where I felt pretty low, I was desperate to lose weight and obsessed with dieting. I truly believed I could never be successful at the weight I was so I used the blog to punish myself into changing – but it ended up making me feel even worse. I was sitting in my shared flat in London and had a bit of an epiphany. Being negative about myself wasn’t going to help me in life, which is what lead me to start my own blog and sharing that journey of confidence and body love.  

Is there space for other bloggers or influencers to get to where you are?

Yes definitely! Everyone has something unique and different to offer, so I encourage that. If you’re thinking of doing it there are so many free resources out there with how to start a blog, create an Instagram account, make a YouTube video. It’s more about taking that knowledge and adapting it in a unique way so that you can offer someone something they can’t get elsewhere. 

What curve "fashion rule" would you like to banish?

All of them to be honest, I couldn’t pick just one. Fashion is a way to express who you are and there should be no rules with that. If you like something wear it, it’s as simple as that! 

How do you handle criticism when it comes to the way you look?

I’ll be honest, I am a very emotional and anxious person so sometimes I get hurt and take that on a deeper level. But as I’m getting older, and also sadly getting used to it, I’m understanding that I can’t hold onto that hurt because it will never stop. You’ll always have people who purposefully misunderstand your message, don’t agree with you or set out to hurt you. Learning to let it go is something I try to practice much more now.

If you hadn't made it as a model and influencer, what would you be doing?

I studied Human Rights and Religious studies at university and always wanted to work in charity or be a teacher. Sadly I didn’t pass my maths GCSE so teaching was a no go for me. But I’ve always wanted to help people and do something rewarding – so I’m glad I’m still able to do that with what I do now.

How did you establish your personal style?

It took many years of unlearning that I wasn’t worthy to be fashionable because of my weight. Or that I couldn’t be stylish until I was thin. Trial and error has also helped be work out what works for me and what doesn’t!

When you're not feeling confident, what one item makes you feel ready to take on the world?

My bright coral lipstick, I just feel like me when I wear it!

If you could give your younger self fashion advice, what would you tell her?

To allow herself to wear clothes she loves and not wait until she lost weight to buy the dress she liked.

What's your favourite look for autumn/winter?

I love a standout jacket – they’re a must-have piece in any autumn/winter wardrobe. It makes everything like look so good and the added faux fur keeps you extra warm! 

What excites you most about party season?

It’s just a lovely time to get glammed up! It’s the one time of year people come together and I love that. And it’s the perfect excuse to go full on sparkle with every look!

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