Created By Us: Boho

We have big news: according to our experts at RI HQ, boho is back. From printed dresses complete with intricate beadwork to crafty crochet tops, patchwork denim and embroidered waistcoats, this season we’re paying extra attention to the detail. And by 'we', we mean our talented team of in-house designers (the biggest on the high street, in case you didn't know). We sat down with two women from this talented team, Jade, senior designer, and Emma, head of womenswear design, to talk all things boho and give you the inside scoop on life on the Island. Keep reading to discover how this talented duo have taken outerwear to the next level with meticulous embroidery, elevated floral dresses with matching beadwork and sequins, pulled vintage-inspired prints from the RI archive and so much more. Because at RI, there's no such thing as "too much". Take it away, Jade and Emma...

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Can you sum up the boho trend in three words? 

Emma: For me it’s all about being artisanal, undone and free-spirited.

Where did you look for inspiration when designing these pieces?

Jade: For this particular collection, I was led by my own artistic expression to really tune into the essence of what boho should mean this season. I feel most creative when I travel to India, which has a connection to the most breathtaking artisan culture. It also allows me to explore the latest techniques and fabric manipulations. Of course, my mood board also consisted of a lot of the mid 2000s - especially Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie and the Olsens. I took all of this inspiration and gave it an RI twist.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the pieces' key details? 

J: No boho range is complete without some stunning florals and mixing prints, which our pieces have a lot of! I love the artistic storytelling each piece holds: from intricate beadwork to embroideries that have been carefully placed throughout. This elevates each piece to become something completely unique, holding a one-of-a-kind appeal.  There is just so much attention to detail.

Who is your boho It girl? 

E: I will go completely OG: it has to be Kate Moss. She looks absolutely insane and is still throwing out all the old looks but in a way that’s fresh and relevant. 

How are these boho pieces different to anything else on the high street?

J: With a River Island piece - especially one from this collection – it's all about the level of love and detail that goes into the design of each piece. It’s more than just a piece of clothing, it’s an art. Everyone and anyone can deliver a beautiful dress but with River Island, all the tiny details are explored. For example: carefully matching beads and sequins scattered throughout a print to compliment the beauty of its colours. Some would say, “But no one would notice”, but to us it’s the most special and meaningful part.

E: For us it’s all about the attention to detail. Whether it’s the inside or the outside of the garment, we’re always looking for new techniques to use, different fabrications and beautiful prints.

What is your favourite piece from the collection and why?

J: I adore the Mixed Print Chiffon Shimmered Mini Dress and shirt. I love that the print itself is “pre-loved”: it’s one I had used years prior, but I brought it back to the table in a completely new guise on a new fabric base and a more modern silhouette. I’m so glad that it’s been so well received.

E: It would have to be the ultimate boho dress. I love this dress for the mix of print, the touch of embroidery and intricate beadwork. It looks great styled back with the suede-look cowboy boots – it just makes for such a dreamy boho outfit. 

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