Our working from home muses

Our Working From Home Muses

Is working from home just not working for you? Distractions are everywhere, you don’t have your work wife to cheer you on and the kitchen keeps calling your name. It can feel almost impossible to knuckle down and get your work done when you’re on that solo grind. Enter the working from home muses. These six inspiring people from tv, film and real life will help you smash your to do list and empty your email inbox. Pick your muse carefully and prepare to transform into a productivity queen!

Carrie Bradshaw

Best known for making Manhattan her runway, Carrie Bradshaw is the original working from home icon. As a freelance writer Carrie spends a lot of time crafting her advice columns in her upper east side apartment but never compromises her personal style. She’d definitely get all dressed up for zoom meetings and then head straight out for brunch with the girls. It’s called work-life balance people look it up!

Dr Jean F Milburn

Don’t we all aspire to be Jean when we grow up? Played by the brilliant Gillian Anderson in Sex Education, Jean is a sex therapist who works at home. Throughout the show we see couples coming to her to fix their relationships and group sessions about female pleasure taking place at Jean’s house. Although her books and research seem to be littered all over, Jean’s office is a great example of having a clear workspace with no distractions. Unless her Swedish handy man calls of course…

Jo March

If you’re lacking motivation just look to Jo March from Little Women. Played by Saoirse Ronan in the recent film adaptation, Jo March is the definition of dedicated. Born in a time when the only prospect for women was marriage, Jo writes at every opportunity in the hope that one day she’ll be a successful writer and self-sufficient woman. Despite distractions and setbacks, Jo hustles hard enough to get her book published and gains the independence she always wanted.


OG influencer, Zoella, must have her working from home game on point after years of experience.  From starting her world-famous YouTube channel in her bedroom to now being the CEO of her own company, Zoe is major goals. As a self-confessed homebody, we bet that Zoella’s best ideas are thought of and worked on at home with zero distractions so take note. 

Love Actually

What better way to get over heartbreak and humiliation than escaping to your holiday home to work on your upcoming novel? Do as Colin Firth does in Love Actually and throw yourself into your work surrounded by gorgeous scenery with no distractions. Just make sure you have a paper weight to hand or better yet go digital. We don’t want all your hard work to be for nothing… 

Taylor Swift

In her eye-opening documentary, Miss Americana, Taylor Swift lets us into her life and her home. Not only do we get a rare insight into Taylor’s personal life and career we also get a glimpse of a dedicated songwriter constantly at work.  When Taylor is working at home, writing new songs she is always in the best loungewear ever. And who can blame her? Sometimes pyjamas are the best option. Her creativity clearly depends on comfort. We stan.