8 reasons we love the trench coat

Okay, it may or may not have snowed a few weeks ago but, spring is well and truly in the air. We’re ready for brighter mornings, longer days, warmer temperatures and that optimistic anything-could-happen feeling. Oh, and trench coats. Not a spring (or autumn) goes by without us excitedly digging this classic out from the depths of the wardrobe.

They may be timeless, but this season they're trending harder than ever, and with good reason. We could write chapter and verse as to why a trench coat is the only spring jacket you'll ever need, but we'll settle for giving you our top eight reasons.

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1. They're *literally* iconic

A wardrobe classic for a reason. Ageless, seasonless and genderless, the trust trench coat has proved itself to have the ultimate staying power. It's also graced the silver screen more times than we can count, from Breakfast at Tiffany's to The Matrix (leather trenches still count). We're not saying that wearing one makes you a movie star, but…

2. You can style them with basically everything

Throw on over sweats and suddenly it's outside appropriate. Layer over your gym set and you've reached Pilates Princess status. You could even wear them over your PJs for your popping-to-the-shops outfit and we're almost certain nobody would bat an eye. Seriously, try it.

3. They kind of make you feel like a spy (in a cool way)

Do we even need to explain this one? Whether you're more of a Nancy Drew, Inspector Clouseau or Atomic Blonde kind of girl, the odds are that you've wanted to peak around corners in a trench coat at some point in your life. Live out your childhood dream in style.

4. You'll wear it in spring *and* autumn

We're all about wardrobe heroes that go the extra mile. Tackling both transitional seasons, the wear-anytime trench proves itself to have endless wearability, no matter the weather. A sensible investment, if you will.

5. They don't spare any details

Give us a minute to geek out over the trench coat's most iconic details: it's designed in a timeless double-breasted style with wide lapels for a vintage feel. It also features a flattering waist belt to cinch in silhouettes and pockets for extra practicality. To help fight against spring showers, it's detailed with a pleated cape (known as a "storm flap" if you want to get technical) to allow rain to fall off. Basically, it's a sartorial masterpiece (not to be dramatic).

6. They're a weekend-away essential

Unlike the puffer, the trench is easy to shove in a suitcase making it an ideal option to add to your packing list. They're also famously lightweight so it won't take up too much of your precious carry-on kgs.

7. You can wear it everywhere

Thanks to the trench's ability to pair perfectly with everything you own (see above), allow the trench to take you from the office to catch-ups over coffee to a quick walk in the park and even to your next wedding as a chic cover-up. Versatility at its best.

8. They're an all-weather hero

Transitional seasons call for something sturdy, versatile and prepared for literally anything (especially in the UK). Lucky for you, the trench is perfect for taking on rain and wind (two of spring's favourite surprises), but is also light enough so you don't overheat when the sun pops out its hopeful head.