A family affair with @life_with_ivycoco

Rise to the occasion, together, in our gorgeous collection of women’s and girls’ occasionwear. You don’t have to match your mini-me exactly to show off the family resemblance. Sticking to the same colour palette or committing to similar prints is a more subtle way to tie your outfits together. Like mother, like daughter, looking this good is second nature and these outfits are strong contenders for the family photo album.

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We lilac purple a lot especially for a special occasion. Not your stereotypical girly pink and more show stopping than blue, a punchy purple is an unexpected but inspired colour choice. Secure your Purple Rain karaoke choice with a Prince approved slouchy suit and heels for an androgynous dreamy look. Switch things up for your mini me, with a more traditional floral dress with matching purple blooms. This contrast between the masculine suit and the feminine dress makes this duo photo-ready.

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Match your flower girl after the ceremony in an equally simple but stunning outfit. She may be part of the wedding party but that doesn’t mean you can’t get all dressed up too. Compliment her all-neutral look with an electric blue mini dress that is desperate for the dance floor. No dad dancing here, just proper dancing queen moves thanks to your matching metallic sandals. Twirl her around and make happy memories in style.

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