Back to School Checklist

School is just around the corner so get prepped and get excited. Make sure your little ones have everything they need to go ‘back to cool’ with A+ confidence. School isn’t just about mastering subjects, it’s about learning who you are and who you want to be. With your help, we’re encouraging RI Kids to be bold and express themselves freely. Use this ultimate back to school checklist to guarantee their first day is the best ever!

Get them the uniform they really, really want this term that expresses who they are. From that fun backpack to the coat to notice, we’ve got the pieces that bring personality to youniform! They’ll go from classroom to after-school-cool in true superhero style with a little fashion help from us.

Stock up on the usual pens, pencils etc but don’t forget about their newest school accessory – a face covering! School will look a little different this time around so it’s important to help keep them safe, stylishly. Think of it as another way they can express their boldest self in and out of class! With so many prints to choose from, treat them to a RI face mask this term.

After such a long time away, it might be good to have a refresh on the lessons they’re taught at school. We’re not talking maths although revising times tables never hurts, we’re talking about being kind, having fun and being yourself. Returning to IRL friendships and group learning can feel daunting but we know they can do it! Why not schedule in some play dates before term to ease them back into their old routine?

To go ‘back to cool’ with confidence they need to feel like their boldest self. When kids are confident they believe in themselves and can face new challenges without fear. To do this, Place2Be suggest encouraging your child to write about an ability or strength they have that they enjoy. This isn’t about being the best at something but recognising the qualities they like about themselves. The past few months have been tricky for everyone but by encouraging self-efficacy and inner confidence, the challenges of the classroom will be no match for your little one.

Late nights and lay ins are what the summer holidays are for but once the new term rolls around you’ll need a stricter sleep schedule. Make their early rises easier by going back to a normal sleeping pattern a week before their first day. This way (hopefully) the 7am wake up call for school will be less of a challenge and they will be well rested. The Mental Health Foundation has a handy guide on ‘How to sleep better that is really helpful if you run into any problems.