Beauty Brand Of The Month: Glaze

Meet our beauty brand of the month, Glaze. As the ”unicorn of hair products”, made to give you great hair feelings on a loop, we just had to know what makes Glaze *that* girl.

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Tell us about Glaze: what’s your mission?

Make great hair accessible, easy and fun! We’re all about bringing you salon-worthy results, minus the salon price tag. No mix, no mess – just vibrant colour and shine so good you have to see it to believe it.

Where does your passion for hair come from?

Hair is such an emotional thing and strongly linked to beauty in many cultures. There’s nothing like a really great hair day to make you feel like your best self – that so-smooth-and-glossy-it-reflects-light and flyaway-free bounce that we all lust after. It’s so empowering and confidence-boosting and we wanted to bottle that feeling for our customers.

What hair habits are you bringing into 2023?

Hair slugging blew up in 2022. It has a weird name but, when it comes down to it, the concept has been around for a while. Leaving our Sheer Glow Super Gloss on over-night gives your hair that deep moisture it needs and creates the glossiest locks of your life, with little to no effort. So, we will be carrying this trend through to 2023 and beyond!

What are 3 hair-care habits that should be part of everyone's weekly routine?

  1. A weekly hair mask to bring the moisture back into those locks.
  2. Only use a micro-fibre towel, it reduces breakage and dries your hair faster.
  3. Use scrunchies over hair ties to minimise breakage and keep your hair strong.

Glaze describes itself as the “unicorn of hair products”. Tell us a little about your innovation stage?

About two years ago, we began the search for a hair product that could take legendary status. One that would give shine, conditioning, and a boost of colour vibrancy; that would be easy to use (even for the most hair-inept of us). Eventually, we found a formula that we fell head over heels with and, luckily enough, it seems that everyone who tries it feels the same (or at least the 100+ women of all hair types, textures and tones who made up our consumer panel.)

For hair DIY newcomers, what are your three tips when it comes to use semi-permanent dye at home?

Think of our Super Gloss like a toner, it’s here to get the best out of your current shade. More vibrant, more glossy and exceptionally good shine. So it’s important to match Super Gloss with the lightest shades in your hair. For example, if you have Blonde highlights, you’d use those strands to match to, and the best shade for you may be Pearl Blonde, even if the rest of your hair is darker.

We are big lovers of glossy hair, what are your top tips for getting that hairdresser “gloss” at home ?

Although you can apply Super Gloss to dry hair, sometimes it is easiest on wet, especially if you have thicker or a coarse hair type. You want to apply on to CLEAN hair, if you shampoo after applying your Super Gloss, you may risk not getting that full mirror-glaze shine result.

Do you have any hacks for getting the longest out of your hair colour

Don't wash your hair too often. We know some of our Glaze Girls are every-day-washers. But to make your colour stay vibrant and your gloss to last, minimising washes is always best!

If you could colour any celebrity's hair who would it be?

Stacy Solomon! We’re obsessed at Glaze HQ.