Beauty brand of the month: Mallows Beauty

Welcome to our Valentine's edition of beauty brand of the month. To celebrate the month of love, we spoke to Laura Mallows, founder of Mallows Beauty, a self-care line focused on female empowerment.

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Mallows Beauty is all about “real skin, real bodies, real problems, and real results” - tell us more about this movement and your inspiration.

It basically came from me having acne and anxiety and wanting a beauty brand that was all real, using models with stretch marks and cellulite of all different sizes and ethnicities. I was so sick of feeling inadequate and always over-analysing myself and not feeling good enough. Then I realised it was the beauty companies doing it to make money; I was completely normal actually, and it was them that was the problem. So I thought I'd create a beauty company that turned this on its head and here we are.

How much does female empowerment mean to yourself and the brand?

So much - I’m a feminist! Everything we do is all about making women feel amazing for who they are and giving them the confidence to take over the world. Every single pot is covered in affirmations, mental health tips and self-love. We show every single body type, skin colour and skin issue for exactly who they are, and you should not let anything hold you back.

What empowers you as a young woman starting your own business? Do you have any advice for young women wanting to start their own beauty brands?

Just go and do it. Make sure you’re doing something you’re really passionate about because you’ll have to be working every hour under the sun. If you’re not passionate about something, you’re not going to be putting you’re all into it. Do something you’re really good at as well so you can feel confident.

What empowers me? I love creating products - stuff like this. The graphics and when something comes to life. My favourite thing is when a customer messages me and is like, “This has changed my skin” or, “I can’t live without it” or “You’ve made me feel so confident about myself”. That interaction with people, and people coming back to me and reviewing things. Being on TikTok lives and people saying they love this and that. I absolutely love that, making someone's life a little bit better or giving them the confidence. That’s the cherry on top of the cake. 

What’s been your biggest achievement so far and why?

Being on River Island… duh!

Hitting 300K on TikTok was huge for us, that was the biggest moment ever and I was so excited. When I originally set out, I thought that if I hit 50K I’m going to be absolutely buzzing. To hit 300K was absolutely insane.

Being on retailer's websites, River Island told us we were the third best-selling brand, that to me was insane. My little brand being a best seller on River Island, how incredible is that?

How does skincare link to self-love and wellbeing for you?

Skincare and self-love are so intrinsically linked, it makes me put down my phone and think about myself for a moment. To put a face mask on, a body scrub on and to look after myself and have a moment of peace.

Which three Mallows products are you using this Valentine’s Day to show yourself some love?

These three products: Our Unicorn shave butter is amazing to help prevent ingrown hairs, and to give a really close shave, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Peachy mask exfoliates, brightens, makes you look like you’ve had an 8 hour sleep. Of course, I need it because I have a baby and I never sleep!

Cherry body scrub smells heavenly and leaves my skin silky soft and amazing. It’s great to go in your shaving routine.

What does your Valentine’s self-care pamper night consist of?

Valentine's self-care pamper night has to be pizza, my bestie (which is my boyfriend), face mask, bath. Can you beat it? Oh Netflix! Emily in Paris maybe. Make sure you look after yourself this Valentine's.