For The Love Of Me Kids Trends

We can’t predict the future, but we do know that RI Kids are going to be a MAJOR part of it. After the rollercoaster of 2020, we passed the crystal ball over to our favourite little people and asked them what comes next - in life and style! From sweet self-love to global success, scientific discovery and a rockstar wardrobe, the kids all agreed on one thing: they are going to rule the world! Over to the kids…

For the love of creativity

Luca, the artist, dreams of being the star of his own show. Expressing himself is no problem when he’s dressed in the tech trend, in fact it’s a breeze thanks to bold tie dye and graphic prints that let his creativity run free. Mixing athleisure with utility staples is the tech trends secret to looking super cool 24/7.

For the love of expression

Take a leaf out of Santanna’s book and be your own icon! Dressed in the Pretty Punk trend Santanna is the definition of extra and she loves it! Standing out in pops of pastel, sports lounge and bejewelled rebellion is easy when you know you’re going to be a household name one day. Stand aside Vivienne Westwood, there’s a new punk icon coming through!

For the love of self

Lotte’s the name and ruling the world is her game. She may be a sweetheart but this pastel princess is her own knight in shining armour. Harnessing the power of pastel clothing, Lotte's destiny is hers for the taking but with a surprising sporty twist. In candy coloured tracksuits she can pick and mix her way to the top in tie dye for style. Self-love is a breeze when you’re this iconic!

For the love of freedom

Only the cleanse trend would do for Tate the dreamer. Calm and collected with a big sense of adventure, Tate’s cleanse looks suit him to a t. If his dreams are anything to go by, Tate’s scientific discovery success is set and tone on tone loungewear definitely had a part in it. His vibe is neutral comfort with a nod to the street thanks to his boy's coord set and we’re 100% here for it.

For the love of owning it

Future CEO, Lila, is killing it in the totally 90s trend. Bossing a twin set isn’t easy but she’s rocking this ‘90s trend like pro. The houndstooth matching set is giving us Cher but Lila is anything but clueless. Smart as a whip with hairclips and vanity bags for days, we want a piece of her future business model pie because it’s going to be epic.