At River Island we’re obsessed with denim. Who isn’t? Our jeans team put together iconic denim collections every season – and we know that the search for the perfect pair of jeans might just be one of the toughest tasks out there.

We want our denim to be the best around. From mom jeans to super skinny styles, we know we’ve got the fits nailed, but we want to make sure that our denim doesn’t just look good, it does good too. As one of our most iconic products, we have to get jeans right: in every sense.

To help you find your perfect pair, we made some changes to our denim line - but we’ve kept our iconic fits just as amazing as ever. Discover your perfect style below.

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Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to swap out your trusty indigo tones. Our jeans are green on the inside (not literally), thanks to some more sustainable changes we made.

You can button up in the knowledge that 100% of our denim is made from responsibly sourced cotton - meaning it’s made in a way that’s kinder to people and planet.

We’re also working with the people that dye and detail our denim to reduce the water used when we make them. By 2023 all our denim will use less than 22L of water in production (the average pair of jeans takes as much as 80L!)


Whichever you pick, remember our denim always comes with 100% responsibly sourced cotton in every last stitch.


There’s a reason Kate Moss (and Middleton, for that matter) just keeps on wearing them: skinnies are neat, chic and go with everything. A pair of inky black denims are a staple of everyone’s wardrobe: as chic with flats as heels, as comfy as they are slinky. For an even snugger, Sandra-Dee-post-makeover version, look to our Molly style – for a super stretchy, spray on.

Skinny Jeans


Inspired by the kind of vintage, high waist style seen on early 90s TV – think Rachel Green in early Friends and you’re there – Mom jeans are cool and comfy. They’re at their most flattering with a little crop at the ankle and a smooth vintage blue. We love them with a pair of plimsolls and your most artfully worn-in band T.


This is the influencer style du jour - with a cropped kick designed to show off high-impact boots, or your latest trainers. That flare at the hem has real attitude about it and feels new and fresh after such narrow denim trends. Style with a simple top and let your statement shoes do the talking.

Mom Jeans

Flared Jeans