My Summer Story | Jonathan Barakat

My Summer Story | Jonathan Barakat

The final chapters of our summer stories culminate in Italy where we jetted off to idyllic Amalfi with Contiki and some of our most inspirational friends in tow. Next, its Youtube star Jonathan, who vlogs with his boyfriend Dan about anything from travel and hilarious challenges to his battles with anxiety. 

What is your summer story?

Busy! Summer is always the busiest time of year, its pride season all over the UK, so I’ll be hitting a lot of those events. I’m going to London Pride and Brighton Pride. I’m also going to visit my dad, I haven’t seen him in a few years. He lives in Texas so I’m really excited to be headed over there. 

Who are the major characters?
My boyfriend Dan, my mum, she’s turning 60 this year so she’s going to get an allocated amount of time, my dad and my dogs! I have three beagles and they’re everything to me so I’ll be spending a lot of time cuddling them. 

So, Pride is a big part of your summer story?

We get so many messages from people wanting to meet us, so this year in Brighton we’re hosting a party at a bar. We’re there to have a good time, enjoy it, be proud, celebrate and get down with Britney! 

And how will you be styling it out?
Probably the same that it is every year! Shorts that are a little bit too short, I’m a dancer, I’ve got to get my legs out! And just a nice printed t-shirt or a sleeveless tee. 

Who inspires your summer style?

I don’t have a style icon, I just know what I like. If I like it, I’ll wear it and if I don’t, I won’t. I always try to make sure that I wear my clothes and they don’t wear me. I dress differently for every occasion and I like to dress smart if I’m going out. I can look like a slob as well, I can look really awful on a Sunday morning, hungover going to get some bread and cheese!

Who inspired your character?
I am a sculpture of a lot of people but my guiding light would have to be my mum. She’s avidly encouraged me to make mistakes in life, she’s made me make my own decisions, she’s let me choose for myself and I think that’s invaluable. It gave me my own mind at a very early age which now has given me a very strong sense of self. 

How do you think people would describe your character?

I want to be described by others as being honest, loyal, fun and happy. But most of all, me. I don’t want them to be able to describe me as like anybody else, I like being me. I hope they like it too. 

What's your life mantra?
Take each day as it comes and to live life to its fullest. Also, to let things go and to move on because progression is great. A quote that’s stuck with me for life is: harbouring bitterness and hatred is like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die. It only damages yourself so let things go, move on and be happy for everyone else. 

Where does the next chapter of your story take you?

I want to find myself. I want to see what happens and I just want to see what hand fate’s got to deal me. I want to take every day as it comes and see if I can make something of myself and build a business for myself because ultimately I want a secure base so I can bring children into this world. 

Review your summer story in three words...
Busy, exciting and new. 

London boy @jonathanbarakat is a YouTube star alongside his boyfriend, Dan. He found popularity by vlogging about his relationship, as well as LGBTQ issues. A trained musical theatre actor, he is focusing on building his own business and then starting his own family.