Real Talk | Normalising weight gain with @lifeinthefashlane

Welcome to our brand new Real Talk series, a four part exploration into body positivity and embracing your true self. We’ll be having honest conversations with four different content creators each week about body image, diet culture and the truth behind those ‘picture perfect’ Instagram posts. We’re so excited to kick our Real Talk series off with Georgia from @lifeinthefashlane. A style queen and body positivity champion, get ready for some real talk with Georgia …

What are your tips for someone having a bad body image day?

• Look in the mirror and point what you like about your body.

• Don’t let the sizing of clothes define how you feel about your body.

• Donate clothes that don’t fit to charity because they can be really damaging to your confidence.

• Throw out your scales!

• Surround yourself with people who make you feel good.

• Change! If you don’t feel comfortable you won’t feel confident, so don’t wear it.

How did you learn that you’re worthy at any size despite what society teaches us?

Firstly, you are worthy at any size! There is no such thing as the perfect size or body it just doesn’t exist. Don’t let society make you think any differently. I’ve been a size 6 and a size 16 and had insecurities at both. Practicing self-love is so important!

Who are your body positivity role models?

I’m obsessed with Alex Light! She has really helped normalise cellulite, stretch marks and social media needs that I think. It’s so important the younger generation see that these things are normal. The sooner we banish this ‘airbrush’ photoshop imaging online and editing apps the better.

Have you ever not worn an item of clothing because you’ve been told it doesn’t flatter your figure? If so, do you still stick to those ‘rules’ or dress for you?

Absolutely! In the past, someone said my dress wasn’t flattering at all and I completely crumbled because I loved it. I took it off and wore something else which made me feel uncomfortable. Now if someone said that to me, I would wear it regardless because it’s what I felt confident and comfortable in. I mean, who cares what people think is flattering? What is ‘flattering’ anyway?!

What outfit makes you feel like the most confident, badass version of you?

A badass matching suit! I feel like a total girl boss in it!

Do you think society negatively impacts our relationship with our bodies? And if so, how and why?

Absolutely! The media still praises people who have lost weight (like Adele) but treat people who gain weight negatively and call them fat. We compliment people when they’ve lost weight instead of complimenting them on a daily basis. Being a size 16, I am relatively healthy and eat a balanced diet, yet my GP and my BMI would say that I am overweight which isn’t fair.

Why do you think society has a problem with weight gain despite it being normal?

So much damage has been done in the media and on TV by portraying weight gain as unhealthy. We need to normalise all shapes and sizes in the media. When I was a teenager I would watch the Victoria Secret’s annual show and compare my body to theirs. We need to push for more size inclusivity and diversity to show the younger generation that all sizes are beautiful in adverts, social media and on TV.

Do you feel more or less confident being a bigger size?

I struggled greatly for years with my five stone weight gain and my confidence took a huge knock. I felt as though I was more confident at a size 6, but fast forward 8 years later and I’m more confident than I’ve ever been. Practicing self-love has really helped me learn to love myself and my body. The true path to happiness is to embrace the now, remember to love your body and accept that you’re beautiful already! Losing weight won’t change that. Remember people should love you for you and not your size.

See you next Wednesday for the latest instalment of Real Talk