The spring beauty update

Your wardrobe isn't the only place that deserves a fresh start for spring – your beauty arsenal needs it too! Luckily, Revolution has a few tips on how to update your look, along with the latest drop of their Pro collection.

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With spring just around the corner, how should we be updating our make-up bag for the new season?

Start with a light, fresh-faced base. For this, we recommend our Revolution Pro CC Perfecting Glow Enhancer – it’s like your skin, but better! Another fresh-faced fave of ours is the Revolution Pro Miracle Cream. It's only £10, and it gives you the ultimate glow with all those skin-loving supercharged ingredients to give you that added boost. Finally, you can’t have a look without lipstick. Our top pick is our New Neutral Satin Matte Lipstick in Velvet to give you that perfect nude lip.

We're so excited for the collection to launch! What three products should we most look forward to?

Our most viral products, of course!

-Eternal Rose Rosy Lip Oil is a fan favourite, a hydrating formula with a subtle pink tint.

-Hydra Bright Cream Blushers are another favourite, giving you a pink, peach or golden tint with a light reflecting formula.

-Finally, how could we not mention our Miracle Cream. This sold-out multiple times and for a good reason – get it while you can for that glow giving skin. 

What five items should everyone have in their spring skincare kit, and why?

Changing seasons can make your skin dry and rough thanks to temperamental weather but these are must-haves:

  • Revolution Pro Miracle Cream. It provides the ultimate hydration with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C for that glow.
  • Revolution Pro Miracle Serum is proven to give you instantly radiant skin, exactly what you need.
  • Revolution Pro Miracle Balm is a multi-use goody that gives you hydration in all the areas you need. Apply to your lips, cheeks or dry patches to combat dry skin.
  • Revolution Pro Rescue Lip Oil – it’s literally in the name, it rescues your dry chapped lips! Infused with a powerful oil complex of Green Tea, Shea, Jojoba & Ylang Ylang to soften and condition your lips.
  • Revolution Pro Miracle Bag – you can’t have a kit without a bag to hold it in, right? This is a mega bag, perfect for all your skincare and makeup needs.

We’re dying to know; what are your spring beauty tips for minimal makeup

It's all about our cream products, giving you that subtle effortless look and fresh-faced skin! We would say our Hydra Bright Blushers are an absolute must-have, giving you a subtle blushed tint while being super light reflecting for that glow. Another cream must-have is our new Goddess Glow Cream Contour & Bronze which will have you sculpted in seconds. The soft formula allows you to keep the look light and minimal. Finally, achieve that full natural brow with our Microblading Precision Eyebrow Pencil to create hair-like strokes with ease.

We love nothing more than leaking beauty secrets from the professionals... So, go on, drop Revolution Pro’s approved morning routine.

Our morning routine would not be complete without our Miracle range! We first hydrate the skin with our Miracle Serum, then moisturise with our Miracle Cream, awaken the eyes with our Miracle Eye Cream and finalising with our Miracle Balm to hydrate those lips – there’s really is nothing else you need!

When it comes to skin prep, what products are the holy grail in achieving the glassy skin look?

Our holy grail products for glassy skin is:

  • The Miracle Serum – this is truly an all-in-one product; mix it into your daily skincare to see lasting results, apply before makeup for that glowing base or even mix in with your favourite foundation for the ultimate glass skin look!
  • The Hydra Bright Primer - This illuminating primer has subtle pearlescent pigments which help to provide a radiant glow when reflecting against light.
  • Glossy Plump Lip Oils - They give a gorgeous subtle tint to the lips whilst keeping them hydrated and plump.

What are your predictions on the next top makeup trends for spring 2023?

We're definitely seeing a more ingredients-focused trend appearing in spring 2023. With everyone wanting to achieve that dewy, glass skin; the prep is key! Another trend we predict is cream products taking over. Now, we can already see it building up, but everyone will be using a techniques like under-painting to get that effortless look.